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Roger honoured as No. 1

13.11.2006 | Tennis

Roger was presented with the Champions Race trophy for finishing the year at No. 1 for a third straight season. Having won three Grand Slam singles titles this season, he opened his quest for a third Masters Cup title on Sunday with a win over defending champion David Nalbandian.


"Another fantastic year is almost over - I have one more week to go," Roger said. "I'm happy to be back after last year, when I had all the trouble with my foot."


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14.11.2006 | 15:28
I am so happy. You are the best and you deserved for this prise.
Congratulations for winning witch A Roddick. The second set was very dramatick but you are the Master and You showed the class.
Best wishes send Ola
14.11.2006 | 15:18
fabulous game against roddick. i don't know how you managed to hold fast when you were losing in the tie break. i somehow knew all along you would win, but it was nervewracking to watch! fan from geneva
14.11.2006 | 15:12
just watch your exciting game vs Andy Roddick` ` `We fans feel so proud of you!
You are the best!
14.11.2006 | 14:57
Congrats Rogi!
you are very fotunate to love what you do and be the best at it, wishing you many more years of greatness.
14.11.2006 | 14:56
To angiem577, thank you very much for that awesome news. In my Star Sports it's soccer, maybe i have to upgrade my cable. But then again i live on the south....
To Roger, thank you for making your fans (specially me!) very happy, as always! Congratulatio
14.11.2006 | 14:52
Hi, Roger! I can't say anything but congratulations!!!!!
I'm so happy to you!
14.11.2006 | 14:52
congrats to ur defeating andy,roger!u swell!!!!
i really like u
hope u have a good time in China
and see you on the Masters final~~~~
14.11.2006 | 14:48
the best!!i have no words))
few minuts ago i finished watching your FIGHTING with roddic........it was so fantastic...cz i sat near TV and cudn't breathing!!!!
congratulation...as someone said.....you are allways nomber 1 in our hearts...
im going craz
14.11.2006 | 14:48
Kia Ora Roger,
Congratulations Roger in your win over Andy, I've spent the last harrowing hour since the second set on the ATP live score site bringing you home. Roger I tell you I may have not been praying but certainly repeating all my inspiring phrase
14.11.2006 | 14:47

I believe congratulations are in order. What a record.
You're amazing. That's all I can say really. And everything more.
I love you!
You're the best, and I can't imagine being a fan for anyone else.
Keep going, at this rate, you can touch mo