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Roger honoured as No. 1

13.11.2006 | Tennis

Roger was presented with the Champions Race trophy for finishing the year at No. 1 for a third straight season. Having won three Grand Slam singles titles this season, he opened his quest for a third Masters Cup title on Sunday with a win over defending champion David Nalbandian.


"Another fantastic year is almost over - I have one more week to go," Roger said. "I'm happy to be back after last year, when I had all the trouble with my foot."


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14.11.2006 | 12:59
You aer the best Roger
Good Luck for everything
i love you
14.11.2006 | 12:50
14.11.2006 | 12:26

congrats ROGER!!..

you will always be no. 1 in our hearts!! n_n

14.11.2006 | 12:20
Dear Roger,

I just rushed to home to watch TV boardcast - Roger VS Andy Roddick after my work. Oh my god ! Roddick just broke Roger's game. Take care and you must defect Roddick finally.

14.11.2006 | 11:39
Hi roger
It was well deserved homour not only as a no.1 but also as a noble human being.
Keep it up---My blessings be with you.
14.11.2006 | 11:31
Dear Roger,
I saw pictures from the ceremony and i almost had tears to see you that much happy and proud holding the number one trophy...Roger you really deserve this....none other ..only you Roger...your every achievement really really is incredible....
14.11.2006 | 11:23
This is sooo amazing Roger!
What an accomplishment!
U looked so grraceful,such a gentleman when you recieved the trophy!and ur speech!ever so eloquent!ever soo wonderful!Roger u rock my world!
14.11.2006 | 11:18
Hello Roger

Fabulous photos of you-- the one holding the trophy and the 2nd of you & Mirka--

What a great champion you are both on & off the court particularly your charity work for the sick and disadvantaged children. Thank you
No one could be m
14.11.2006 | 11:17
yeah rogie!!!! u r the best player ever !!!!
n for me, u'll always b a winner!
i'm v.glad for u =)
gud luck rogie for ur masters cup in china
14.11.2006 | 11:13
come on Roger!!!

looking forward to see you in melbourne...