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A narrow victory

14.11.2006 | Tennis

A few moments in his match at the Tennis Masters Cup today, it appeared that Roger would lose against Andy Roddick He was down one set to love and he had a double match point against him in the second set tie break at 4-6.


But then, just like many times before, the wheels fell off in Roddick’s attempt to oust the best tennis player on the planet. Roger fought off three match points to win the second set tie breaker and then he cruised in the deciding set to defeat his American opponent 4-6, 7-6 (10-8), 6-4.


"One of the only things I probably would have changed about that point at 6-4 is putting a first serve in," Roddick said. "This won't be the last time I think about that." Roger also agreed that was the turning point.


"Early on in the tiebreak already when I was down 4-1 and him serving ... I thought, well, probably not my day, I'm not playing that great and he's not giving me a chance, so I guess that's it.," Roger said afterwards. "But I told myself, you know, maybe I can make him nervous by just staying along and in the match. That's what happened. I don't know if he got nervous or it just went my way in the end, but it was really close, that's for sure," he said.


Roger has now extended his winning stretch in round-robin matches at the season-ending championship to 14 and his streak against Roddick to eight. He's 12-1 career against Roddick, who has not beaten our star since the semifinals at Montreal in 2003.


Roger will meet Ljubicic on Thursday at 12.00 (Swiss time).

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15.11.2006 | 18:53
Mi pastelito estoy super contenta de que estes tan bien, de que estes pasando por este gran momento en tu vida, tengo la oportunidad de verte por la transmicion de espn... Y nada, de verdad te deseo lo mejor, cuidate un monton, ojala estes super bn para t
15.11.2006 | 18:52

nice match roger!
15.11.2006 | 18:32
Roger, you play awesome tennis keep it up.
15.11.2006 | 17:53
I was amazed once again by your mental toughness and fighting spirits. I was already got up from my couch and wanted to turn my tv off and go back to sleep (it was not even 5am my time during your second set tie break). But you stormed back point by poi
15.11.2006 | 17:31
Roger, I was very glad to see your match against Roddick. Roddick has improved as of late, but you still were able to put him down (just barely). I think it is good for the other players to improve because this forces you to improve as well. Very well
15.11.2006 | 16:42
Congratulations ROGER!!

The yesterday's match was really hard, and you are won! You are really strong! As for the next, it will be played a game very much, but I believe that you win.

15.11.2006 | 15:55
Hey Roger
Congrats! it was a tough (scary) match. It was amazing how u came back and won the match!
This showed you greatness and once again proved that u r indeed the best tennis player ever born.
I hope that u continue your brilliant performance and
15.11.2006 | 14:14
ROGER, !!!!!!
15.11.2006 | 14:00
Rogeeer....I can't say nothing but YOU ARE THE BEST! Congratulations! Good luck against Ljubicic, but we know you are THE BEST anyway:) kisses
15.11.2006 | 14:00
God bless you Roger! What a fighter you are...I hope you are feeling ok...good luck and enjoy rest of the tournament
Marie / Australia