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Masters Cup - webnews

20.11.2006 | Tennis

Relaxed Federer on higher plane than mere mortals (The Australian)


THEY prised apart the petals of the Qi Zhong stadium so the tennis gods could feast their eyes on the acclaim of the latest and most graphic demonstration of Roger Federer's brilliance.

A chill suddenly descended, one that will have been felt by anyone who believes that they can challenge his supremacy next year, or for as long as tennis takes his fancy.

Federer's third Masters Cup success in four years - he would have almost certainly won last year, had he not been incapacitated and playing at 75 per cent - was further proof that the Swiss is a special athlete indeed, one in complete command of himself and all he surveys.

"The difference is that Roger is completely relaxed with life," his coach, Tony Roche, said.



Roger Federer, king of the court (Sportingo)


The Mozart of tennis defies the laws of physics in raising the sport to a new level.

From the outset of the Masters Cup tournament during the past week, it was clear that there could only be one winner. The beauty of top-class competitive sport is that everybody has a chance of upsetting the odds and emerging victorious. It's always true except when Roger Federer plays as well as he has in the Shanghai event when there was no doubting that he alone would be the winner.

These days Federer is in a realm of his own, and on Sunday's showing none of the current crop of players -- indeed, probably nobody in the history of modern tennis including Rod Laver, Bjorn Borg, Jimmy Connors, John McEnroe and Pete Sampras -- could claim to be as good.

James Blake is not in the same class and even Rafael Nadal -- who has the measure of his rival on clay -- cannot genuinely match the class of the man whom most experts now agree, is peerless among all tennis players.




Federer caps year in overpowering style (The Seattle Times)


Federer too much for everyone: James Blake learned what has become a fact of life on the tennis tour.

"Obviously, we're all chasing Roger," he said. "It's no secret. He's playing head and shoulders above the rest of us."

Looking more imposing with every tournament, Roger Federer concluded another overpowering season Sunday by routing Blake 6-0, 6-3, 6-4 for his third Masters Cup title in Shanghai, China.

The Swiss star has been ranked No. 1 since Feb. 2, 2004, and already has enough points to ensure he'll break Jimmy Connors' record of 160 consecutive weeks atop the rankings by the end of February. Only two players — Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray — beat Federer this year.




Perfect end to Federer's stellar season (chron.com)


In life or tennis, perfection is an impossibly elusive goal, and Roger Federer would tell you he's hardly there yet.

But Federer's latest tour-de-tour season in 2006 might have re-established the boundaries of what's humanly possible, at least on a tennis court.

With his 6-0, 6-3, 6-4 rout of James Blake in the Masters Cup final in Shanghai on Sunday, which he did concede was "the perfect ending to an incredible season," he claimed his 12th tournament title, a personal best, and ended the year with a 29-match winning streak to finish 92-5.

That's a winning percentage of .948. John McEnroe set the record of .964 (82-3) in 1984. But McEnroe won just two majors among his 14 titles, opting to skip the Australian Open and losing in the French Open final.

Federer's victories included three majors plus the season-ending championship (which McEnroe also won in 1984), and he came within two sets of claiming the first calendar-year Grand Slam since Rod Laver did it for the first time as a professional in 1969.




King Roger looks to extend his reign into the new year (Business Day)


SHANGHAI - Roger Federer left the court at the Qi Zhong tennis centre yesterday to the strains of Tina Turner’s “Simply the Best”, and for once the hackneyed sporting standard was appropriate.

The 25-year-old Swiss world number one had just humbled American James Blake in three sets to add the Masters Cup to the Australian Open, US Open, Wimbledon and eight other titles he won this year.

“This is my time,” the nine-times grand slam winner said last week and it is an era he is hoping to extend well into the new year.

“I hope it stays for a little bit longer, the domination,” he said after yesterday’s final.

 “It’s very difficult to keep it up. I had to play, I don’t know, over 90 great matches to win so it takes a lot out of you.

“The travelling is tough. But I hope I can keep it up and stay healthy. I definitely give myself a good chance to play well again next year.

“But we’ll see if somebody new comes up or I just can’t maintain that level of play. I hope I can, and I’m looking forward to the challenge next year.



Federer completes near perfect year (Lawntennisnews)


Roger Federer showed that he is fast on his way to becoming a tennis legend. The world number 1 eased to victory against American James Blake in the Masters Cup final. The Swiss master won 4 of the 5 major titles this year and came close to winning all 5 at Roland Garros.

Federer is also on course to break Jimmy Connors record of staying on top for 160 weeks.

The only player to threaten the world number 1 was American Andy Roddick, who showed some up and down form. Roddick won only 1 of his 3 matches.

Rafael Nadal showed fighting spirit in reaching the semifinals, but then had to bow his head to the superiority of Federer on the faster courts.

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21.11.2006 | 00:16
R O G I !!!!
My mistake... Only U can surpass (improve) urself... This is what i meant.
God bless you. Relax a lot, we will see you next year winning again what you won this year, and what u didnt 2.
All my energy 4 U !!!
21.11.2006 | 00:10
CONGRATULATIONS! May you have a good vacation in the coming holidays. You certainly deserve that. May you stay healthy & happy! God bless you always!
20.11.2006 | 23:03
Like most fans I feel a sense of accomplishment and superior achievement: I'm congratulating myself on this incredible year, and am walking around as if I'm Roger Federer.

What a 2006 I've had - Even I can't believe it - And now I can relax and celebr
20.11.2006 | 23:02
Diffent people, different webnews... but all of them tell the same thing: Roger Federer is the best.
"Mozart of tennis", "[Nadal] had to bow his head to the superiority of Federer on the fasters courts", is it necessary to show something else??? Everybod
20.11.2006 | 22:32
Dear Roger,

For another year, you have kept me glued to the TV screen and captivated by your tennis and your spirit. Day in and day out you provide me with the motivation I need to strive to be a better person, and that is something few people manage t
20.11.2006 | 22:25
The perfect ending for a perfect year! I agree with one of the previous comments... the media is a bit late in recognizing you as the KING of tennis, the MOZART of tennis.

I have 3 photographs in my home signed by you, so I am a step away from being o
20.11.2006 | 22:20
Felicidades Roger.. y a todo el grupo que te acompaña año tras año...
no pudo haber mejor final para un año estupendo en el cual record tras record fuiste batiendo...
destaco todo lo conseguido por ti este año, desde los titulos defendidos hasta las fin
20.11.2006 | 22:12
"Roger Federer, king of the court (Sportingo)

The Mozart of tennis defies the laws of physics in raising the sport to a new level."



20.11.2006 | 21:44
Dear Roger,

I totally agree with all my heart what they are saying you are a legend to everyone in this sport you are a god to most of us mere mortals, i think you can get better and better with every year which is a very scary thought for the rest of
20.11.2006 | 21:33
you are simply the best