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Super match

21.11.2006 | Tennis

Roger dominated the 'super match' in Seoul right from the start and defeated Rafael Nadal for the second time within less than a week with a masterful display in a 6-3, 3-6, 6-3 exhibition match victory.


Especially the middle set had its moments of theatrics, including Roger taking a break to watch a big screen replay of a point won masterfully by Nadal by flying through the air to smash volleys at the net.


The two were all business in the third, holding serve for the first seven games. In the eighth, however, Roger broke his opponent thanks to a pair of unforced errors and a double fault before he ended the match emphatically with an ace.

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12.12.2006 | 06:30
YEAH BABY ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
29.11.2006 | 09:52
i love the way u play..... very humble ...
its my dream to see u play in person ...
no one could ever be better than u!!!
you are my best......... i wish i could make u mine.... hehe
29.11.2006 | 07:01
29.11.2006 | 07:00
29.11.2006 | 05:44
Roger Federer portrays himself as a gentleman and a good sport. He does not need a "block" of fans; blocks are for lesser athletes who have a limited fan base. Roger is an ICON of sport; he has a grid that can absorb and digest the little blocks. So, p
29.11.2006 | 04:45
hey roger...

i wish u a merry x-mas...lol...
really i mean master..regards and congratulations u beat nadal again...thats cool..and sincerely i beg u this....WIN ROLAND GARROS!!! u know u can handle it..come on!! i wanna c you witn da 4 grands!!!
28.11.2006 | 21:07
U r the best, everyone is nothing
28.11.2006 | 16:38
Roger, you meanie, beating that poor Rafy again. Shame on you. Ha Ha!
So now do you really get a little break? You deserve it. I look forward to your strong return next year.
28.11.2006 | 15:04
Yes!!! Beat Nadal three times in a row is wonderful, but next year will be greater, You will beat him in Roland Garros final!!!!
28.11.2006 | 11:37
i miss you Roger
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