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Super match

21.11.2006 | Tennis

Roger dominated the 'super match' in Seoul right from the start and defeated Rafael Nadal for the second time within less than a week with a masterful display in a 6-3, 3-6, 6-3 exhibition match victory.


Especially the middle set had its moments of theatrics, including Roger taking a break to watch a big screen replay of a point won masterfully by Nadal by flying through the air to smash volleys at the net.


The two were all business in the third, holding serve for the first seven games. In the eighth, however, Roger broke his opponent thanks to a pair of unforced errors and a double fault before he ended the match emphatically with an ace.

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22.11.2006 | 17:31
To Maricar:

Yes, we love Roger very much! I hope we can start from the East Coast of the United States and see more R-Clubs emerge around the world. Switzerland is a small country. It is hard to get enough Swiss living abroad to cheer for Roger where h
22.11.2006 | 17:21
To New_Yorker
I support the R Block idea and will be willing to be a spearhead for R BLock in thailand if Roger come by. I just got back from Shaghai to see roger played. In the semi final , some of the american were waiting for Balke match boo'd at Roge
22.11.2006 | 17:09
To Ellen, the New Yorker -

Someone should spearhead the R-Block and I'd be willing to sign up, or soon perhaps R-Blocks should be created elsewhere around the globe wherever Roger plays. I thought about this a while back. We love him so much, don't w
22.11.2006 | 16:47
You are a tennis-superman!
Congratulations realy!!
With love from Greece...
22.11.2006 | 16:41
To all the Roger fans:

Since Roger travels around the world, can we organize a R-Club or R-Block, similar to James Blake's J-Block? James always gets morale support wherever he goes, especially in the U.S. When Roger played James at the U.S. Open Quart
22.11.2006 | 16:15
I might not be the first 2 wish but wishing u whole heartedly for ur achievements this season. and I am sure it will be the same next year (except the defeats by NADAL)
22.11.2006 | 16:14
Dear roger,

If there is one thing that i can find to say something negitive about is that PLEASE DON'T WEAR GREY anymore it makes you look to dark i love you in white always have it makes you so gorgeous every time you wear it i loved what you had on w
22.11.2006 | 15:56
Alright! You own him now!!
22.11.2006 | 14:51
go roger, go roger, GO....!!!!!
wish u all d best......!!!
22.11.2006 | 14:37
great roger..........keep it up...........our best wishes are always with you........................