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Super match

21.11.2006 | Tennis

Roger dominated the 'super match' in Seoul right from the start and defeated Rafael Nadal for the second time within less than a week with a masterful display in a 6-3, 3-6, 6-3 exhibition match victory.


Especially the middle set had its moments of theatrics, including Roger taking a break to watch a big screen replay of a point won masterfully by Nadal by flying through the air to smash volleys at the net.


The two were all business in the third, holding serve for the first seven games. In the eighth, however, Roger broke his opponent thanks to a pair of unforced errors and a double fault before he ended the match emphatically with an ace.

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24.11.2006 | 09:37
hi Rog.
You and Nadal actually were in Seoul and matched before my eyes a few days ago,
but I still don't feel like it. It was so unbelievable I saw you, my best favorite player, playing against Nadal in my hometown.

First of all, I was very impresse
24.11.2006 | 09:13
awesome ROGER......you must defeat him in a clay court....we will support you alll the way,,,,,.more blessings to come roger!!!!!!!
24.11.2006 | 06:37
Dear Roger,

Once again, congratulations for ending the year excellently!

Enjoy the break and we're all looking forward to a more exciting 2007.

God bless you and your family!

Your loyal admirer from the beautiful country of the Philippines.

24.11.2006 | 05:33
You played great this year. Congrats.

You overcame Nadal, twice end of this season.
If you could beat Nadal at French Open on his favourite clay surface next year, that would be prefect. An excellent feat that will elevate your status as the 6th Gran
24.11.2006 | 05:24
again, you showed u r the best right now
24.11.2006 | 03:52
24.11.2006 | 02:38
is alone the king. roger is unique in this planettt.
nadal is good but roger is the best. roger forever
24.11.2006 | 00:41
Congratulations! You did it! Good luck!!!!
23.11.2006 | 23:48
Congrats for winning this exhibition match against Rafa and finishing the year with another victory, Roger.
Now have a great vacation and a good rest. You can be so proud of your achievements this year. We all will miss you during the off-season and loo
23.11.2006 | 22:34
the best end of the year for the all-time best player of tennis! you are the #1 roger