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Super match

21.11.2006 | Tennis

Roger dominated the 'super match' in Seoul right from the start and defeated Rafael Nadal for the second time within less than a week with a masterful display in a 6-3, 3-6, 6-3 exhibition match victory.


Especially the middle set had its moments of theatrics, including Roger taking a break to watch a big screen replay of a point won masterfully by Nadal by flying through the air to smash volleys at the net.


The two were all business in the third, holding serve for the first seven games. In the eighth, however, Roger broke his opponent thanks to a pair of unforced errors and a double fault before he ended the match emphatically with an ace.

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23.11.2006 | 22:05
I am very proud of you Roger. Congratulations! Great season!
Best wishes, Joni.
Leon, Spain.
23.11.2006 | 21:36
U must write also that success against Nadal!!!
23.11.2006 | 19:45

First of all, I want to congratulate you for this year, you are the best.

Have a nice Holiday, good luck next year.

Carmen Gloria.
23.11.2006 | 18:21
Hee Roger,
It's been a while since i have post a comment.
Because a lot has happend since then....
You won the masters cup, way to go roger!!!
Congratulation, you are definitely the number one this year!!!!!!!!!!!!
And after that you had a super matc
23.11.2006 | 18:02
23.11.2006 | 17:52
well done, I´m glad for you that victory is a step more to win the roland garros.
23.11.2006 | 17:22
Really great!! Congrats, Roger. I know this match had no bearing as it was just an exhibition match but still, you've proven that you cannot only beat Rafa but you also have the upperhand now winning both matches against him in leass than a week...

23.11.2006 | 17:21
I didn't know you were still at work--you are so dedicaeted to your profession! I am sure fans in Korea were thrilled to see you play!

I am very glad for you that you nailed down yet another victory over the player who used to be named your nemesis.
23.11.2006 | 16:58
Dear Ellen of new york,

I hopefully wil be at Wimbeldon next year fingers crossed i get picked for the tickets i will try and get a T-shirt ready for roger and give as much support as i can so if anyone else is there get your T-shirts done and support
23.11.2006 | 16:48
Poor Nadal... hahahhaha, I'm kidding! Congratulations for your victory, you're really the best (I know you know that).

Continue being like this!

Your fan,