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Roger advances at the Australian Open

15.01.2007 | Tennis

Roger made it look difficult for a change, starting his bid for a 10th Grand Slam championship and successful Australian Open title defence by dropping serve three times in the first set.


But our Champion rebounded quickly after Bjorn Phau took a 5-3 lead, winning the next nine games - conceding only six points in the second set. He went on to win 7-5, 6-0, 6-4, easily dispatching the 27-year-old German who beat him seven years ago in their only previous match.


"I got broken in the first set three times, and that makes you a little bit nervous," said Roger, who went 92-5 with 12 titles last season and has held the top ranking since February 2004. "You try to stay cool, but I got a little bit nervous." Otherwise, he said, "It felt great to be back."


Roger changed his preparation schedule this year, skipping his usual regular-season opener and playing three matches in an exhibition tournament at Kooyong, where he lost the final Saturday to Andy Roddick.


Roger said it would take a little time to get his best rhythm back, and was happy to even the score with Phau, who beat him in 1999 at Washington.


In the next round, he will either play against Jonas Bjorkman from Sweden (50) or Olivier Patience (115) from France.

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16.01.2007 | 01:28
hey dear champ!

congrats on ur first win... so happy to see you out there. well, it is a little unconventional for some of us to see u broken in the first set but truthfully speaking, i wasn't really nervous. because i know that you are calm under pres
16.01.2007 | 00:59
Congrats to a straight sets victory and the first bagel of the year, dear Roger. It's great that you had the opportunity to equal your h2h against Phau. Sometimes it is strange in the tennisworld that players don't play against each other for so many year
16.01.2007 | 00:47
I knew you'd do it!! I knew you'd serve him a bagel for "old time's sake!! Keep it up, champ, we're all watching here!!! Amanda
16.01.2007 | 00:46
Dear Roger,

You are the best! A tough start but you pulled through and now can feel more confident in the second round. At least you didn't drop a set like Andy Roddick in his first round match. : )

You will have the title yet again!!

Good l
16.01.2007 | 00:33
GOOOOOO Roger! im so happy for you,you deserve it,and i will always support you no matter what.Good luck,even though you dont need it, everyone knows you are the best there.
Je t'adore tellement, je suis sure que tu ne peux meme pas comprendre. a toute
16.01.2007 | 00:29


Roger espero que todas las dudas del primer partido desaparezcan con el transcurrir de los dias. Tienes que hacer tus 10 grand slams aki en australia

16.01.2007 | 00:08
Yeah, Federer, give the best of yourself!!!! CONGRATULATIONS FOR WINNING!!! KEEP WINNING UNTIL THE END!!!


your fan,

15.01.2007 | 23:44
Mi Rog te felicito, segue adelante, cuidate mucho y veras que ganaremos tambien este año.
15.01.2007 | 23:31
Hi Roger,
I am happy finally i can watch your play -not everything,but only some.
I am happy that you can go through but i expected better play because you were so sure you were ready.
I believe you will show a better match with Bjorkman.

I think yo