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Roger a Gillette Champion

04.02.2007 | Off Court

Gillette today announced the launch of the new Gillette Champions program with the unveiling of Gillette’s newest brand ambassadors — three of the best-known, most widely respected and successful athletes competing today: Roger Federer, Tiger Woods and Thierry Henry.


The three ambassadors will be fully integrated into Gillette brand programs and will be leveraged through multi-faceted marketing initiatives, including global print and broadcast advertising, consumer promotions, point of sale materials, online and public relations in support of Gillette’s premium shaving products.  The Gillette Champions program is scheduled to roll out in over 150 markets in the first year, making this the largest current sports marketing initiative for the brand.


Consistent with the program values, these three ambassadors were selected not only for their sporting accomplishments, but also for their behaviour away from the game.  They are as much champions in their personal lives as they are in their sports.


Quote from Gillette Executive

Chip Bergh, President, Global Grooming, at Gillette, comments on the new program and athlete affiliation, “The Gillette name is synonymous with being the best.  These three athletes have proven they have what it takes to be a champion on the course, the court or the pitch.  They were chosen not only for their outstanding sporting performances, but also for their performance off the field, in their charitable actions, support of social causes or their reputations as icons of true sporting values.  That is what the Gillette Champions is all about.  Millions of men, women and children around the world look to these athletes, who raise their level of play and bring the game to a new level.  They set the standard in sports and style.”


Ranked No. 1 for three consecutive years, Roger Federer has dominated men’s professional tennis.  The champion holds 10 Grand Slam singles titles including four Wimbledon, three U.S. Open and three Australian Open titles and has been recognized as one of People magazine’s sexiest men alive.


Beyond his feats on the court, Federer serves as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and in 2003 created the Roger Federer Foundation, which works with disadvantaged children in South Africa and promotes sport for young people.


Roger Federer provides his insight on the new program, “I’m honored to be considered with these other fine athletes.  In the world of sport, there are a number of elite athletes doing important things on and off the court.  As a new ambassador for the Gillette Champions program, I recognize the responsibility of encouraging us all — player and fans alike — to look and act like champions.”

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05.02.2007 | 10:58
So there'll be no more of that unshaven look when you take to the court, eh Roger?! Btw, to AnnLouise in USA - you have mentioned one of my husband's favs - Joseph Campbell ... and you're right, Roger is reaching mythological status in sport!!
05.02.2007 | 10:52
i don't have a beard (???|||)a
(do u need a new razor,papa??)

05.02.2007 | 10:44
congrats for selecting as brand ambassdor
05.02.2007 | 09:27
hi roger,
u look so cute !
05.02.2007 | 09:20
It's really funny to see Roger like that! I do appreciate the comment that "these three ambassadors were selected not only for their sporting accomplishments, but also for their behaviour away from the game. " Roger---a goodwill ambassador (UNICEF) with w
05.02.2007 | 08:59
It's so funny to see that picture on the front page! Really funny and Good too. Roger, we all like your Off-court activities as much as your Tennis. Keep it up!
05.02.2007 | 08:44
O god this is so cute Roger!
Hope you enjoy being an ambassador for this program ~ ?v?
05.02.2007 | 06:55
"I recognize the responsibility of encouraging us all — player and fans alike — to look and act like champions.”-Roger Federer

immortal words
05.02.2007 | 06:34
It's great to see you in Gillette's new advertisement! You deserve to be one of the greatest athletes in the world. I've also known that you met Shumi in Dubai. There were so many superstars there these days!!!
Good luck!
05.02.2007 | 06:27
That's AWESOME!!!
The more places I can see you, the better!!!
But, the next tournament can't come soon enough for me!!!