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Aiming for 40 victories in series

01.03.2007 | Tennis

Roger defeated Novak Djokovic 6-3, 6-7 (6), 6-3 for his 39th straight victory and advanced to the semifinals at the Dubai Championships.


It looked like another clear win for Roger but then things did become a bit more difficult towards the end of the second set. But he then managed to make everything clear in the final set, breaking Djokovic to love to take a 5-3 lead. “I was very happy with the way I was able to finish the match,” Roger said – having made 52 unforced errors during the encounter.


Roger’s next opponent will be Tommy Haas, who is experiencing a great start of the year with 17 wins in 19 matches. He won the tournament in Memphis, played the first two rounds in Dubai and has now found back to great shape in the quarter final. Roger has played Haas nine times, the head-to-head is at 7-2; Roger has won their last six duels.

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02.03.2007 | 02:24
I am so happy.
Take care tomorrow, and ...........
All my love and support
02.03.2007 | 02:11
Congratulations Roger...I start thinking Dubai will have a new title holder.
Best Wishes
A lot of kisses and a big hug
02.03.2007 | 01:33
02.03.2007 | 01:22
Hi Roger,
Congratulations on beating Djokovic. I hope you never tire of winning. You are so good. I am looking forward to every match you have.
Good luck!
02.03.2007 | 00:56
Hi Champ,
Oh wow, I just turned your calendar to March. The same thing happened to my hair when I was going to the prom and stuck my finger in the socket instead of the hair dryer.
Just jokin with ya!
02.03.2007 | 00:48
Hi Roger,
I couldn't watch your match as it was not on TV here and I was at work at 10am EST when your game started but I did watch the Live Scoring on the Dubai tournament web site and could tell that was one difficult match! Novak fought hard and you h
02.03.2007 | 00:46
Well done Roger!!! I had said that you are lucky. I very worried on tie break. Now I don't worry about you, because I know that you'll win tomorrow. Hooh!! It was very nervous match, but now it is time to relax. But don't relax a lot - tomorrow it will b
02.03.2007 | 00:44
Dear Roger,

Congratulations on winning a hard fought match against Djokovic and making this your 39th straight victory. Well done.

Good luck against Haas in the semis. Take care.

Love From Christinex
02.03.2007 | 00:33
Hi Roger.

You struggled a little with your form but I think it's because you are rusty after having a long break. I'm sure you will win this tournament but please don't take such a long break next time. xxx
02.03.2007 | 00:25
Hi Roger,
Congratulations and good luck in the semi with Mr. Haas.
Thank you to your devoted loving smart fans who told the other adorable fans to watch eurosport.com.
I immediatly went to Eurosport.com but unfortunately could not find what time the