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Two tennis Greats in training

11.03.2007 | Tennis

They only faced each other one single time on the Tour – in Wimbledon in 2001 – Roger taking home the match 7-5 in the fifth set. Last Wednesday in Los Angeles, Roger and Pete Sampras, winners of 24 Grand Slam Titles among them, met again on a tennis court for a training session. Here is Roger’s report:


How does Pete play nowadays?

It might sound surprising but he still plays very well. But not well enough to beat me (laughs).


Could you tell us more about the session together?

It was great. I knew I’d be travelling to Los Angeles and thought about whom I could meet there. So I called Pete and asked if he was interested. His answer was “yes, of course!”; I was excited. As a kid he had been one of my favourite players, so I wanted to learn more about his game. Defeating him in Wimbledon had been special to me. I wanted to try to beat him at home this time. So it was most enjoyable that we were able to organise this training session. It could be great to play an exhibition match sometime soon, but we will see what happens. Anyhow, I must say that he still plays very well.


Did you play some sets?

Yes, we played games, sets and tie-breaks.


What was the score?

I can’t tell you but we had a great time.





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12.03.2007 | 04:57
12.03.2007 | 04:54
Roger lost. I'm so sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (indian wells)
12.03.2007 | 04:46
I can feel you were very funny when you played Sampras.
But you lost today's Game…
Good luck in Miami!
12.03.2007 | 04:43

After so many wins, to get a loss is quite usual. No one can carry the winning streaks forever. No doubt, you are still the best.

12.03.2007 | 04:17
Hi Roger,

It's a very, very, very sad day for me and for all your fans. For one, you're the defending champion there, and it's really sad for you not to be able to defend your crown. We want to see you often in action, but for now, we just have to wai
12.03.2007 | 04:09
Sorry to hear you just lost to Guillermo Canas in 2nd round of Pacific Life Open. I was stunned by the news! I am sure it must have a reason. It may turn out you've got too much presure on your shoulders. Never mind. Have a good rest and get ready for Mia
12.03.2007 | 03:39
fans of Federer! Please loosen up and allow Federer to at least joke around and be playful. You all are taking the Sampras thing too seriously. You all do not even know what really happened during that friendly game. It's all about those two having fun
12.03.2007 | 03:26
I agree with you fedtennisfan.Either Roger is kidding or he is misfiring his words. I personally think it is very nice of Sampras to invite Roger and play againsts him. Even, you are kidding, pls do not use these kinds of words again. It doesn't look go
12.03.2007 | 03:22
Hi Roger,

I am sorry about your loss to Canas. I think your training with Sampras had an adverse effect. Don't mess with him anymore. He does not want you to break his record. He probably got inside your head without your knowing it. Do not follow
12.03.2007 | 03:04
WOW~I really want to see the match! You are both the greatest players in the history! I love you both!