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Two tennis Greats in training

11.03.2007 | Tennis

They only faced each other one single time on the Tour – in Wimbledon in 2001 – Roger taking home the match 7-5 in the fifth set. Last Wednesday in Los Angeles, Roger and Pete Sampras, winners of 24 Grand Slam Titles among them, met again on a tennis court for a training session. Here is Roger’s report:


How does Pete play nowadays?

It might sound surprising but he still plays very well. But not well enough to beat me (laughs).


Could you tell us more about the session together?

It was great. I knew I’d be travelling to Los Angeles and thought about whom I could meet there. So I called Pete and asked if he was interested. His answer was “yes, of course!”; I was excited. As a kid he had been one of my favourite players, so I wanted to learn more about his game. Defeating him in Wimbledon had been special to me. I wanted to try to beat him at home this time. So it was most enjoyable that we were able to organise this training session. It could be great to play an exhibition match sometime soon, but we will see what happens. Anyhow, I must say that he still plays very well.


Did you play some sets?

Yes, we played games, sets and tie-breaks.


What was the score?

I can’t tell you but we had a great time.





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12.03.2007 | 02:16
Dear Roger,
I am so sorry you lost at Indian Wells. But now, the pressure is off and you can just enjoy tennis again!
12.03.2007 | 01:37
Hi Roger,

Nice going. Good luck in Indian Wells.

Hope to see you in Key Biscayne.
12.03.2007 | 00:43
Roger, it would be more than great if you and Sampras play an exhibition match!
I have a lot off respect for Sampras.
How nice it would be to see some of the best tennisplayers ever, play tennis together!!
Very exiting!!!!!!!!!!!

12.03.2007 | 00:39
Post a picture of the sessions. He is another class act.
12.03.2007 | 00:33
so nice 24 GS titles
wish we could be there
all our respects
12.03.2007 | 00:21
Great to hear about the meeting with Pete. Hopefully we are able to get some pics of it. It would be wonderful if you guys would be able to play a public match one day, maybe for your foundation, Roger.
12.03.2007 | 00:12
Roger, this is very good for positive PR. You are going to break his record and it is nice of you (and him) to be friendly towards one another. Also, it lets us all know that you aren't competing against EACH OTHER, just the record. I am glad you had a go
12.03.2007 | 00:06
Pete was my all time favorite player until Roger came into the picture. It is great to hear that two of the best players in tennis history can play so competetively. What an honor for Pete to have Roger want to learn from him. This just continues to pr
12.03.2007 | 00:01
Roger that was so sweet!
My guess is that Pete was honored and very happy to have a little fun with you on court. A great mutual respect and amiration between you two.
11.03.2007 | 23:49
Hi Roger,
I´m from Brasil and I would like to say you that here in Sao Paulo, everybody loves you. You are the best. You must came play here!!!!
Aramis Moraes