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Thousands of bears!

15.03.2007 | Off Court

After his doubles loss in Indian Wells, Roger met with some 50 ballkids that had purchased a Feder-bear in Indian Wells. The Feder-bears are selling like hot cakes at this tournament and they have now even run out of stock!


The Feder-bear is a take-home version of Roger, who earlier this year was appointed a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. The Beanie Baby is wearing a cyan shirt, the color of UNICEF, with an ATP logo on the front and the name “FEDERER” on the back above a number—One, of course! Just prior to the US Open, Roger recorded a UNICEF Public Service Announcement, in both English and French, to raise awareness about the problems facing children with HIV/AIDS.

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27.03.2007 | 00:09
hi roger,

i just wanna tell that your cause is really a nice trick to the people who really needs, and is nice way to resolve some of their problems.
anyway i gave to you good luck in the miami master i know and you too, that you can win this and the
20.03.2007 | 23:29
My Feder-bear sits with me and watches you play he didn't help much at Indian Wells but I'm sure he will bring you luck for the rest of the year. I just love him but have to stop the grandchildren from playing with him, in case they break him. Mind you th
20.03.2007 | 12:02
Hi Roger,

Those are really cute beanies. Too bad we dont have that in Phil. but i ordered it from the US. Its one way of appreciating ur effort as being Ambassador to Childrens. Keep the kindness. I can not track ur games these days coz im in Dubai. I
20.03.2007 | 11:48
I have two bears...Roger and Mirka, and they are both very cuddly
20.03.2007 | 10:43
so cute. how can get that cute bear???? i love ROGER
20.03.2007 | 04:37

Dear Roger,

I'm looking forward to watching you play at Miami, the best of luck.

You're such a wonderful person as can be seen in your picture and in spending time with those children.

To: MappleLeafBeaver, that's a very nice poem
20.03.2007 | 03:46
Dear Roger,

I kinda admired you even more, with the way you reacted to the loss at Indian Wells. Sure it would have been nicer if you went & broke some more records, but I guess it was one way of keeping things in balance, if not with you, then proba
19.03.2007 | 23:43
Eternal Child
So much love your divine smile
19.03.2007 | 20:39
Hi, Sweet Roger! I'm so glad cuz it's a fantastic thing! That's why you are the eternal champion not just in tennis but every parts of the life!That's a lovely picture, Rogi, I love it!
19.03.2007 | 19:02
ok this is a cute pic but i´d rather to see you in a different one raising the throphy
hope too see u in miami rog defendig your championship take care
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