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Four awards!

27.03.2007 | Off Court

Roger’s collection of trophies has taken quite a leap forward this week. Our star won a record four annual ATP awards on Monday - only one of which for his achievements on court.


Roger received the Arthur Ashe Humanitarian Award for his charity and volunteer work in 2006. He received the Stefan Edberg Sportsmanship Award, chosen by players, and was voted the fans' favorite for the fourth consecutive year. And for the third year in a row, Roger was chosen player of the year. He won three Grand Slam titles in 2006 and has been ranked No. 1 for the past 164 weeks. Way to go, Roger!









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11.04.2007 | 12:24
Reading every day about your awards ii is great!
09.04.2007 | 07:07
Congratulations Roger the great, you deserve it. You deserve every award, you are the best.
06.04.2007 | 10:48
Nobody can deserve these awards as much as "you"!..
05.04.2007 | 02:21
You're my favorite humanly sportsman :-)
04.04.2007 | 16:45
Congratulation you deserved it ...
04.04.2007 | 13:02
Yes, CONGRATULATIONS, ROGER!! While someone else walked away with Miami, you walked away with FOUR!! Who could ever have done that but you?!! Everything we always said you were, what an honor!! Love from The States! Amanda
04.04.2007 | 10:42
simply u deserve it with no doubt ..

please keep going to let this trophy to be your brand !

assuring you with my best regards , i remain ..
04.04.2007 | 03:37
Nice. You rule.
03.04.2007 | 09:01
love you bro keep it up
03.04.2007 | 08:14
hearty congratulations!!! and all the very best for your clay season especially 4 RG
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