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Four awards!

27.03.2007 | Off Court

Roger’s collection of trophies has taken quite a leap forward this week. Our star won a record four annual ATP awards on Monday - only one of which for his achievements on court.


Roger received the Arthur Ashe Humanitarian Award for his charity and volunteer work in 2006. He received the Stefan Edberg Sportsmanship Award, chosen by players, and was voted the fans' favorite for the fourth consecutive year. And for the third year in a row, Roger was chosen player of the year. He won three Grand Slam titles in 2006 and has been ranked No. 1 for the past 164 weeks. Way to go, Roger!









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29.03.2007 | 20:43
Dear Roger,
Congratulations for these awards (I voted you, my perfect) ! I was sure that you'll win at fans' favorite because you're having more fans that others players (and they're loving you more that love your adversars' fans them!).
I want you to w
29.03.2007 | 20:10
You absolutely deserve all the awards!!!!
All the best for the next tournament!!!
29.03.2007 | 17:50
Wow, Roger! Four awards--another record! You truly deserve each and every one. More proof of what a great person you are on and off the court. CONGRATULATIONS!
29.03.2007 | 17:38
You deserved it!!!!!
You rock, Roger!!!!!!!!!!!!
29.03.2007 | 16:59
Congratulations! No one deserves them more than you. Those prizes were made for you!

Keep on showing us how tennis must be played!
You ruled, Emperor!

Je t'aime,
29.03.2007 | 16:27
I can't think of ANYONE more deserving of all four of these awards. You have brought all of us so much joy. Remember in your moments of pain that there have been worse losses -- such as four losses to Nadal last year, the miserable defeat in Basle to Hen
29.03.2007 | 14:09
Yupi! Wow Roger
29.03.2007 | 13:37
Hello Roger!My congratulations! You are wonderful! You are amazing. You are the best! Thank you for all that you do!
29.03.2007 | 10:33
Hey Rogi........
U R just the best!!!

29.03.2007 | 04:27
Congratulations Roger!!! SOOOOO GREAT to see you recognized for the wonderful person and example you are as a man as well as tennis legend. YOU ROCK!!!