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Roger breezes into quarters

19.04.2007 | Tennis

Roger advanced into the quarterfinals of the Masters Series in Monte-Carlo after defeating Korean Hyung-taik Lee, 6-4, 6-3 in 65 minutes.


Roger stepped up a level today to cut a 6-4 first set win over his Korean foe who toppled Russian Mikhail Youzhny in the previous round. Both players held their respective serves in the first two games of the second set. Using his trademark shots, Roger seed went on to win the next three games to lead Lee at 4-1. The next two games saw both players held their respective serves at 5-2. Roger earned a match point but Lee fought back to stay in the game at 5-3, but our star finally sealed the match by converting his first of two match points.


Incidentally, today's victory was Roger's 499th career win. He will face Spain's David Ferrer (ATP 16) next.


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20.04.2007 | 14:03
Dear Federer,

Sorry to say that, but you are not playing very well. You are trying to define the point everytime. I am afraid that this year you will fall for the clay season if you do not change your play style.

20.04.2007 | 13:27
Congratulations on your tow victories!!!
It's your efforts that are really paid off. Enjoy your victories!!!! Also, it proves that you are still the best, and those bad saying or predictions turned out to be wrong!!! YOu have enough reasons to believe th
20.04.2007 | 13:04
great Roger~~~~!!!

you are the best~~~!!!
20.04.2007 | 12:59
Dear Roger,

I'm very happy for you.

Keep it up, I pray for you really hard that you keep fit, healthy, confident and concentrated.

God bless you on your next match!!!
20.04.2007 | 12:58
Great going, roger!!!! You can do this.
Be strong in what you do best.

Focus, if you make an errow, let it go and move on to the next point. How stronger you are mentaly, how more frustrated it is for your opponend. I've seen that many times in your
20.04.2007 | 12:51
Go Go Go Roger
i love you
20.04.2007 | 12:17
Great...Make it 500.........you will win MC.......Final: Roger-Rafa.......and you will kick it.....congrats.....
20.04.2007 | 12:08
U r d best fedex. keep going. stay focus
20.04.2007 | 11:39
congratulations!it was fantastic!you made us really proud!you can do it once more!all my love and best wishes,MELINA
20.04.2007 | 11:23
Well done Roger, you played better good luck against Ferrer you have beat him 5 times, but he is a tricky one.
Hope it will be your 500.
Love Joyce. X