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Roger excels

17.05.2007 | Tennis

Roger has followed Rafael Nadal into the quarter finals in Hamburg with a great performance against Spanish claycourt specialist Juan Carlos Ferrero 6-2 6-3. "I felt very good out there," Roger commented. "I was pumped up and happy. I think the tight match yesterday must have helped." Our world No. 1 dismantled former world No. 1 and former French Open champ Juan Carlos Ferrero 6-2, 6-3 at Rothenbaum. The Spanish Ferrero, seeded 15th this week, reached the Hamburg final in 2001. Roger was the back-to-back Hamburg titlist in 2004 and 2005 and also titled here in 2002. His quarterfinal opponent tomorrow will be 12th-seeded Spaniard David Ferrer, who upset seventh-seeded Croat Ivan Ljubicic 6-3, 6-3.

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18.05.2007 | 20:57
I love you!! You're the best!!
18.05.2007 | 15:32
Go Roger, go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nadal, wait you´ll be next...
18.05.2007 | 15:09
Congratulations for beating Ferrero and Ferrer, both really good clay court players. Stay focused and you'll go all the way!
18.05.2007 | 15:01
I am glad with you
i love you xxxx

18.05.2007 | 14:35
Thats Roger that we know come on man
18.05.2007 | 14:17
i love you Roger
18.05.2007 | 13:20
the play was great by federer but there were still some unforced errors, he should focus on reducing the number of unforced errors and then he is definitely going to win hamburg and the French Open.
18.05.2007 | 13:13
Dear Roger

Great win . its really good for us fans to see win and smile out there.
Hearty congratulations and all the very best for your match against Ferrer..........
wishing you good luck and great health
18.05.2007 | 13:03
Go on Federer! You were at your sublime best against Ferrero. Keep on going like this and history is yours.
18.05.2007 | 12:54
Dear Roger-Such a pleasure to see your spirit rising and with it your confidance and the return of your own beautiful, powerful strokes. I am so glad you were able to resolve your conflict about Roche. That must have been a big burden to carry around. I s
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