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2007 ESPY Awards

25.06.2007 | Tennis

Roger was nominated this morning for the 2007 ESPYS in the Best Male Athlete, Best Male Tennis Player and Best Male International Athlete categories. Winners are determined by a popular vote and polls are open from today, June 25, until July 8 via the link below. Lend your support to Roger by voting now!


The ESPY Awards were created by ESPN in 1993 and are presented for excellence in sports performance yearly in a vast number of areas.







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08.07.2007 | 11:50
there is absolutely no doubt that roger will win
07.07.2007 | 22:09
I will vote for you!
You are the best and you will always be it ;) !
07.07.2007 | 22:05
Of course... I go running to vote!!!
You are the best!
07.07.2007 | 15:48
Dear Roger, the way you played against Gasquet
was simply amazing. The is no stopping you against Nadal in finals and 5th Title is just a beginning.

Nandan Shah
06.07.2007 | 10:00
not only me but also my friends have voted for u! cuz u worth it!
06.07.2007 | 01:23
Roger... I already vote, you`re gonna have the three awards!!!!
05.07.2007 | 18:26
I just vote!!! he's the best, he's going to win...we wish you the best Roger!!
04.07.2007 | 21:26
Count me in as always - hang in there Roger - the weather factor has been a deterrent - do not allow it to prevent you from getting through to Sunday!! GOOD LUCK!!

You have my vote for the Espy Award for 2007!!!
04.07.2007 | 20:46
Wow :D
You deserve it :)
Of course I'll vote for you ;)
Lot of kisses.

04.07.2007 | 16:38
Go Roger
Am with you always
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