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Rain holds up Roger

27.06.2007 | Tennis

Roger was on the verge of his 50th straight victory on grass when rain stopped play just after 5 p.m. London time. He led Argentinian teenager Juan Martin Del Potro by two sets to love and 2-0 in the third.

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28.06.2007 | 19:40
Hey Roger, I today I saw the final part of your match against Del Potro...my congratulations, fantastic play!!!!!!...Good luck for your next match, pay attention...it will be challenging but I'm sure that you'll have no problems!!!...be concentrated and r
28.06.2007 | 19:29
That's a pity!...However you were playing so well, I'm sure that you won't have problems in this match! Go on...good luck for this match and the next you're going to play!...You seem so fit...this is your tournament...believe always in yourself and in the
28.06.2007 | 19:07
R O G I !!!
Very well done Champ!!!
I was a little worried with this guy, well u had never meet before, but u won with category.

Next step is Safin, be careful ALL THE WAY...
Remember we all here are with U, will be cheering and rooting 4 U !!!

28.06.2007 | 18:47
this could be the road to the final
and there are people saying roger always had lucky draws :)
28.06.2007 | 18:42
Dear Roger,

Play smart match. You know Safin has nothing to lose so use your head and play smart. Take one match at a time.

Good luck,

28.06.2007 | 18:06
Hi Roger,

I watched you play on TV. You seemed to be very focused and your shots had great variety. I loved those backhand slices.

Next match will be against Safin. He already said that he didn't have confidence against you. But you should still ke
28.06.2007 | 18:03
Hey Roger, I'm coming from America to see you in the FINALS !! I can't wait. You are just such a joy to me. You are playing great. What an amazing man you are. Keep winning and have a great time !!!!!!! Roxanne.
28.06.2007 | 18:00
I can't your matches now in TV at present(; ;)
But your good plays can be seen in the sentence of your news ! ! GOOD LUCK!
and looking forward to you winning chanpionship point!
28.06.2007 | 17:36
Well done Roger, now rest well and prepare for your next match.
Kindest regards,
28.06.2007 | 16:57
Way to go Roger. Looking forward to the next round. Good Luck.

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