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Roger qualifies for Masters Cup

17.07.2007 | Off Court

Roger and Rafa Nadal already have clinched berths in the eight-player Masters Cup in November.

Roger, who won the season-ending tournament in 2003, 2004 and 2006, is 36-5 this year with four titles, including at Wimbledon and the Australian Open.


"I look forward to returning to Shanghai to defend my Masters Cup title," Roger commented.


Rafa currently leads the tour with 51 match wins and five titles, including at the French Open.


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26.07.2007 | 03:26
hi my sweet roger!!!

what is new with u?...
i wish u could post pictures while rehearsing...
u must have been sleeping and living in tennis court ha...
well... maybe that explains why u are number 1

this shade is nice too... do u intend to chang
26.07.2007 | 01:33
May you be mightly blessed in your next endeavor for your fans are so blessed to be able to watch you play tennis. Every good wish for fulfillment and success in all of your upcoming matches, especially the US Open.
26.07.2007 | 01:01
[QUOTE]Because you are indeed true blue, red and white.[/QUOTE]
Yeah, Roger is like a Kieslowski movie!

Love the new background! Come on champ! Sweep everything until the end of the season!
26.07.2007 | 00:43
Hi Roger,
This new background blue colour looks like you are ready to win the US Open. You will win it. Because you are indeed true blue, red and white. Your true colors are shining through. Your true colors are beautiful like a rainbow.
Cyndi Lauper an
25.07.2007 | 23:56
come on rogi
25.07.2007 | 23:11
Dear Roger,

Love the new look of the site. Outsanding job, webteam. Best wishes to all,

25.07.2007 | 20:34
Roger, the commercial is awsome. You are the king. Our king!!
25.07.2007 | 15:25
Looking forward to watch you play in my hometown of Montreal in a couple of weeks and win the Rogers (Roger's) Cup!
25.07.2007 | 11:50
Hayyy Roger how i wish i could be der all the time wen the tym u played for,,,Well My Idol Congratulations...Your reli the Best and 4ever Champion in my hart..
25.07.2007 | 11:48
Hi My Idol i'll just want to congratulate u for this yr. u reli made it,YOU are the Best Player i've ever seen... Go go go Roger mwaaahhhhhhhh