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Roger qualifies for Masters Cup

17.07.2007 | Off Court

Roger and Rafa Nadal already have clinched berths in the eight-player Masters Cup in November.

Roger, who won the season-ending tournament in 2003, 2004 and 2006, is 36-5 this year with four titles, including at Wimbledon and the Australian Open.


"I look forward to returning to Shanghai to defend my Masters Cup title," Roger commented.


Rafa currently leads the tour with 51 match wins and five titles, including at the French Open.


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23.07.2007 | 14:09
roger congrats first of all.roger u need to improve from what u are.u were having that attitude earlier but i fear that whether that instinct is lost from u,iam not just advising u,iam just analysing ur psyche.ur aim should only be that whether u win the
23.07.2007 | 13:34
well done roger,congrats for qualifying for masters cup,n best of luck
23.07.2007 | 09:23
Roger ,
you are the BEST tennis player i ever seen !! you did a great job everytime ...
continue for it !!
will support you forever.
23.07.2007 | 07:51
To florian_soica. Roger normally plays Halle which would make it 18 tournaments. You said 12-13. Roger's career is also based on longevity. If he plays 20-23 tournaments then next year he has to defend 20-23 tournaments. I think he is playing enough. Hop
23.07.2007 | 02:55
Of course Roger is still No. 1. Go to ATP tennis.com for point totals - "Ranking" not race. He needs a good hard court season - but that's why he has fans, to cheer encouragement. I believe he will end the year as No. 1.
23.07.2007 | 00:36
he is still no. 1 right??????????

Rafa currently leads the tour with 51 match wins and five titles, including at the French Open.

what does tht mean...
22.07.2007 | 23:53
I don`know where to put my question,but I`m desperate.I can`t find tickets for swiss indoors in Basel for final match.Since march I live in Switzerland and I was sure that I would watch Roger at least,but now nothing... Few minutes ago I saw the tickets
22.07.2007 | 21:33
Hi Roger,
Is all you guys do is party?
Guess so, huh.
22.07.2007 | 19:00
Posted by tennisplanet on July 21st, 2007

I have been crying about it for so long. All you two jokers have to do, is sit down like matured adults, and decide in advance who is going to win or lose in the finals of every freaking tournament.

Then let
22.07.2007 | 16:32
I wish you the best Roger, I know you will do great. Besides being the best player you are the cutest.