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Roger qualifies for Masters Cup

17.07.2007 | Off Court

Roger and Rafa Nadal already have clinched berths in the eight-player Masters Cup in November.

Roger, who won the season-ending tournament in 2003, 2004 and 2006, is 36-5 this year with four titles, including at Wimbledon and the Australian Open.


"I look forward to returning to Shanghai to defend my Masters Cup title," Roger commented.


Rafa currently leads the tour with 51 match wins and five titles, including at the French Open.


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22.07.2007 | 07:27
oh that is bad.... i saw that message from that KK... (he is so like uncivilized ape like his name)
i hope u can devise program to screen ill messages ... little kids read this site as well.... my nieces and nephews do

22.07.2007 | 02:14
You will do.
I am so proud of you.
I came back two days ago and I could see all wimbledon`matches. Guau, I seffred in the car listeing the final in the radio, but if I have seen in the tv.....
Ok , in the picture Mirka is fantastic.
21.07.2007 | 21:28
Look in the guestbook. A certain overgrown baboon called King-Kong needs to be traced. Does anybody have any ideas?
21.07.2007 | 16:32
i youre fan from ukraine, and wish you best in tennis and in all
21.07.2007 | 16:28
21.07.2007 | 15:49
I so happy with you Roger
i love you
21.07.2007 | 14:00
u r really a genius
keep going
21.07.2007 | 08:42
see you in Shanghai^^^^^^^^^
can't wait haha
21.07.2007 | 04:33

Nadal's knee is playing up again...

21.07.2007 | 00:38
I think we, your fans, have gotten so used to you qualifying so early that we've become jaded or oblivious to the fact that this is an insane achievement. And this is the third year running that you qualify simply by playing, and not even coming close to