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Roger qualifies for Masters Cup

17.07.2007 | Off Court

Roger and Rafa Nadal already have clinched berths in the eight-player Masters Cup in November.

Roger, who won the season-ending tournament in 2003, 2004 and 2006, is 36-5 this year with four titles, including at Wimbledon and the Australian Open.


"I look forward to returning to Shanghai to defend my Masters Cup title," Roger commented.


Rafa currently leads the tour with 51 match wins and five titles, including at the French Open.


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20.07.2007 | 19:08
Haha,Welcome to China!
There is no doubt that you will be warmly welcomed here,and hope to see your best performance in masters cup!
Hope you can come to Beijing too!Wait to see you in Beijing Then!
20.07.2007 | 17:46
Hey, Roger
It's great to think about the fact that you will be in Shanghai again. It's still a little bit disappionting to me that I live in Beijing and probably can not go there to see you live in November. But anyway, WELCOME TO CHINA!!! I'm defintely
20.07.2007 | 17:34
To Cleocat:

Australian Open
Indian Wells
Monte Carlo
Roland Garros
US Open
Paris (maybe, last year he retired)

17 tournaments.
Other players are p
20.07.2007 | 17:19
best of luck roger.........
20.07.2007 | 17:19
hi Champ..Wish u best of luck for the tournament..have a calm trip.
20.07.2007 | 16:06
Looking forward to this. I know you will win this one too Roger. I really wish I could see you play more often. If it was up to me I would have tennis all year long but that would make you players much too tired so I just have to watch everything I can an
20.07.2007 | 16:06

best of luck
20.07.2007 | 13:10
wow.Shanghi!!~ cool,i have a chance,rite???


20.07.2007 | 12:03
Roger sos lo mas grande del mundo, lo mas grande del MUNDO!!! GRACIAS, SIMPLEMENTE GRACIAS!!!!
20.07.2007 | 11:41
I'm reading on the ATP Website that Mr Excuses is complaining about his knee. Is he making excuses for the coming hardcourt season already????? Roger just need to keep the pressure on RN and he will self-desruct.
To florian_soica Roger plays 20 tournamen