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Roger qualifies for Masters Cup

17.07.2007 | Off Court

Roger and Rafa Nadal already have clinched berths in the eight-player Masters Cup in November.

Roger, who won the season-ending tournament in 2003, 2004 and 2006, is 36-5 this year with four titles, including at Wimbledon and the Australian Open.


"I look forward to returning to Shanghai to defend my Masters Cup title," Roger commented.


Rafa currently leads the tour with 51 match wins and five titles, including at the French Open.


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20.07.2007 | 07:29
Hey Roger,
Come on!!!!!! Keep up the good work.......
U can repeat last year at Shanghai...
May God bless u!!!!!!!!
20.07.2007 | 06:36
So good to hear the news of your success! Hope to watch you play in Shanghai!
20.07.2007 | 05:45
I'm big fan of you.
I'm looking forward to seeing you on the cout in October!!
20.07.2007 | 03:17
It's not surprise to hear the news.But I can see you in Shanghai,that's really amazing.I can't wait for that.Maybe, I need to book the ticket now!
Good luck&take care!
20.07.2007 | 03:15
i cant wait to see u play again...
i misis seeing u in action....

be safe and take care of ur health

20.07.2007 | 00:58
All the best Roger for the Mastercup.
May God give you the line of winning titles like this only.
This is your secret lover's wish.
I hope you will fulfil it.
Wish you all success.Bye..........
19.07.2007 | 23:08
I was so excited about Roger defeating Rafael Nadal... I was thrilled and jumped like a mental ...
19.07.2007 | 23:02
Congrats!I hope and pray that you will harvest all the titles for the rest of the year.Stay focused and healthy.Believe in yourself.And get a coach already!Luv yah!
19.07.2007 | 22:42
Roger will take over the indesit race in no time. Nadal won't be able to keep up. one masters series in america, the us open, tokyo, one masters series in europe, basel and shanghai. That makes 10 titles again. Sorry Rafa...
19.07.2007 | 21:38
You rule, Emperor!
Will you obtain your 4th Masters Cup? No doubt!

Je t'aime,

P/S I miss you. I'm looking after to see you in action again at Toronto's