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Is life really that different for Roger?

17.09.2007 | Off Court

Roger sends text messages to his friends (granted, that includes Tiger), has to skip dinner (admittedly with Keira Knightley and Sienna Miller) due to work commitments and sometimes he can't get court time when he wants it.

DEUCE Magazine questioned our World No. 1 during the Western & Southern Financial Group Masters in Cincinnati about being Roger. So, when was the last time...

I hired a tennis court?

Probably in Switzerland somewhere. I always call and say 'is it okay if I play' and sometimes it happens they say 'the court is taken at this time.' So I had to come at a different time. But I don't have to pay there anymore. Generally we struggle in Switzerland to get free practice courts but they gave me a special arrangement.


I played a match that no-one watched?

For a tournament match you'd probably have to go back to the juniors. It was only a practice set, but when I played Pete Sampras [at his house, before the Pacific Life Open in March] there were probably only three people watching.


I had to show my credential badge at a tournament?

It happens all the time because they want to scan your badge. They go after plastic, not faces.


I had a really unusual fan request?

I had a guy write to me asking for $10 million. He had some sort of story but it didn't make a lot of sense.


I changed the home page on my computer?

When we launched rogerfederer.com - of course!


I went somewhere and wasn't recognized?

I'm not sure about that one. It's been a while.


I played a competitive sport other than tennis?

Honestly, I'm very careful these days to avoid injury. I stopped playing soccer matches. I don't ski anymore. I try to save my energy.


I broke a string?

During practice in Dubai. In a match? It hasn't happened very often. I think it may have happened once last year when I hit the knot, but I can't remember at which tournament.


I visited a country for the first time?

India last year in December for UNICEF.


I played a practical joke in the locker room?

Basically everyday with everybody. In Cincinnati we had a fight in the locker room with Dmitry Tursunov. There were probably six people involved, including three or four players, throwing about 50 balls at each other for 15 minutes. I won! [Editor's note: Towards the end of the fight, the Penn ball mascot chose the wrong time to return to the locker room and was mercilessly pummeled.]


I asked someone for their autograph?

Probably Tiger for a friend of mine and Thierry Henry for a friend. That was this year.


I exchanged a text message with Tiger?

After he won the PGA Championships. I had style. I just wrote 'congratulations' and a little bit more. But it didn't have anything to do with 11 to 13 or anything.


I missed meeting a celebrity I wanted to meet?

Keira Knightley and Sienna Miller during Wimbledon. [Vogue editor-in-chief] Anna Wintour invited us over. But I said "Can't do it. Gotta stay in Wimbledon and stay serious." So I didn't go.


I flew economy?

[Long pause] Yeah, it's been a few years now.





With kind permission of Deuce magazine on ATPtennis.com.

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18.09.2007 | 21:00
The reason I am such a fan of yours is because you are honest, humble, and most important you are you.Keep up the awesome work.
18.09.2007 | 19:37
Hey Roger!!

Hope you are well. I just read your interview. You are such a cool and focused person. I am determined one day to become like you in tennis and as a person. How did you enjoy the India trip? I am from Mylapore, Chennai. I was only about 50
18.09.2007 | 18:11
Dear Fed: It's so funny, but when I detect any impertinence or lack of appreciation for you, especially those made by certain commentators, I become incensed and write and rant, as though you need defense. I know you don't, but some commentators are so ig
18.09.2007 | 17:32
hallo roger!
du verkuerzt mir zwischen durch meine naechte mit deinem manchmal unheimlichen spiel.mach nur weiter so.einen kompleteren spieler wie dich gibts im moment nicht.trotz deiner schwaechen die zum glueck nur sehr selten auftauchen.deine mentale
18.09.2007 | 17:29
helllow roger am very proud of you cuz ur still the same and ur not change of personality..

stay fit

god bless roger
18.09.2007 | 17:07
Aww, Roger you are soo cute!! Always stay humble and nice.. :))
18.09.2007 | 14:26
ha ha--this is great, I know my ex-girlfriend would have been pretty flattered if I turned down dinner with Keira Knightly. then again, I think I would rather have dinner with Mirka anyway. But congrats on being such an inspiring couple. Maybe good love
18.09.2007 | 14:12
Hi Roger, I printed up this article and put it with all my other "treasures" I have collected regarding everythng you say and do. I will be glad to see you playing more tennis. It is so refreshing to have a sports figure of your calibre. You always do suc
18.09.2007 | 14:09
the interview is kind of funny rogie =)
eventhough u can't hav that much fun for urself, i'm absolutely sure that u've found ur happiness in tennis n Mirka =)
18.09.2007 | 13:48
yeah! Good for you! stay serious at Wimbledon?????? Was Mirka invited too? Aren't you glad you've won or you would be kicking your self.