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Tennis Masters Cup Challenge

25.10.2007 | Tennis

Roger is already in, but the final phase for the last available places for the Tennis Masters Cup in Shanghai is still on.


The good news for all fans is that autographed gear from the participants is up for grabs! All you have to do is follow the link below and pick the eight players you think will qualify for Shanghai and the player you think will win the Cup!

Make your choice before Sunday, October 28, 10 p.m.


Good luck!

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26.10.2007 | 02:56

Grant me another fabulous B-Day present again this year sweetie. Go get'm in Shanghai !! Love Ya.

26.10.2007 | 01:38
Hope you will enjoy every match!
Just do your best!
25.10.2007 | 23:05
First come, first served?

I will wake and stand up or go late to bed at any time in order not to miss any of your games.

Wish you all the energy and health to win and enjoy every match!
25.10.2007 | 21:08
Nice win against Del Potro. Keifer isa piece of cake, Basel is yours! Onwards to Paris and Shanghai and year end glory! Love from all your British fans.
25.10.2007 | 20:57
you're simply the best , roger! let's show it them ! x good luck! x
25.10.2007 | 20:27
I wonder, who will win the TMC it this time? Mmmmmh...
A guy named Roger? Probably :-)
Best regards,
25.10.2007 | 20:08
You are the most handsome man in the world, i´ll be watching every game, and will celebrate your victory, it doesn´t matter who is in the master, all that matter is that you win!

25.10.2007 | 20:04
Well, it nice to find out who will be the players our champ is going to beat!

Love Huesito, be the best!
25.10.2007 | 20:00
Don't much care who else is in.
I know THE MASTER will win the Masters Cup.
His name is ROGER FEDERER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
25.10.2007 | 18:56
Roger, U r the best and in Changhai u'll prove it again. Don't worry much 'cause ur fans r always with U and support U everytime

with love
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