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Brilliant Performance

17.11.2007 | Tennis

Roger crushed Spanish rival Rafael Nadal 6-4 6-1 to reach the final. Roger, chasing a fourth Masters Cup title in five years, took just 59 minutes to see off Nadal in his most emphatic win over the world number two to date.


Our star, who also beat Nadal in last year's Masters Cup semi-finals, broke through at 5-4 in the first set, smashing a forehand down the line to seize the initiative.

Roger won 20 of 21 points from 4-4 in the opening set. He turned the screw in the second, breaking for 2-0 by forcing Nadal into a forehand error. Worse followed for Nadal, a double-fault gifting Roger a 4-0 lead and the defending champion delivered the coup de grace with a thumping crosscourt forehand.

Roger will play Nadal's countryman David Ferrer in tomorrow's final.

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18.11.2007 | 05:58
Everytime I think you couldn't get any better, you prove me wrong!! You are God's gift to tennis and to all your fans!!
All you need for tomorrow is... well to be Roger Federer!!!
Your fan forever, Elsy xxx
18.11.2007 | 05:32
My dear, dear Roger,

I am so very happy. You were just great. I know that you will do your best again tomorrow and end the year in fine style. We all know that God is with you and He has been with you through out and He will be with you and everyone
18.11.2007 | 04:58
Beauty, strength, speed, grace, touch, power...... What a performance. You are the most talented player to pick up a raquet and you will go down as the greatest player of all time.
18.11.2007 | 04:54
Was a great match!! Way to go, but beware of Ferrer, he's confident and playing well. Wish you the best, waking up 6am to watch the match :) GO FEDERER!!!
18.11.2007 | 04:53
Never seen you better. I thought you could have a slight let down after smoking Roddick, but not at all.
What comes to mind is the US open vs. Hewitt. Complete control. Never a doubt. Very clean match.
Finish it up big guy.
18.11.2007 | 04:43

nice to see u enjoy yourself there!!!

i also love the way you smirked when u made that nice point against andy the other game..... hehehe.....

Will be there for you in the final few hours from now!

God be with you !!!

18.11.2007 | 04:39
Bonjour Roger

Indeed you’ve rebounded brilliantly. It’s so wonderful to see you relaxed and in control, like our 'old Rogi'. Keep up the great work for the final match and when the time comes, lift that trophy very high for us.

It's going to be
18.11.2007 | 04:34
Roger, you are simply the best!
Good luck in today's final
18.11.2007 | 04:23
what a demonstration of talent and tennis, you are definitely the best player of tennis ever, roger , tomorrow you are going to win another masters cup crown, you should definitely beat sucker ferrer, jaja, well what i want to said is that i hope you the
18.11.2007 | 04:02
Hello my artful zone visitor! (smile) What can I say? When you visit the zone there's nothing much to be said for the other person across the net. You and Rafa are two of my six guys, so I was marginally pulling for Rafa, but I figured you'd win. Tomo