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Roger the Radio Star

19.11.2007 | Off Court

What would Roger ask Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe if they appeared on the same radio show? More to the point, what would they ask him? Now is your chance to find out!


Roger is making a special guest appearance on Episode 8 of the BlackRock Tennis Champions Podcast, which is available to download for free  from iTunes and the BlackRock Tour of Champions website from Tuesday November 20.


Roger will quiz six-time Roland Garros champion Borg about how to win the French Open, McEnroe about his greatest tennis regret, and then field questions from the two tennis legends. Who would he have supported if he had been courtside for the Borg vs. McEnroe Wimbledon finals? Will he still be playing Rafael Nadal in 25 years time when, like Bjorg and McEnroe, they will be in their early 50's and late 40's respectively.


Don't miss the chance to listen to this very entertaining interview!



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20.11.2007 | 09:29
Hahaha! That is too funny.
20.11.2007 | 08:10
Been there. Listened. Be honest, now! ;)
20.11.2007 | 08:09
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