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Tennis Magazine's 2007 Players of the Year

20.12.2007 | Off Court

Roger has been named Tennis Magazine's Player of the Year for the fifth consecutive time. Tennis Magazine is based in the US and appears monthly.


"Roger's serve is more of a weapon than it may appear, and that forehand is deadly," 14-time Grand Slam champion Pete Sampras writes in the January-February issue. "What most impressed me, though, was the speed at which he can go from defense to offense. His ability to take command from any place on the court, at any stage of a point, may be his greatest gift of all."


The magazine said Roger's victory over Rafael Nadal in the Wimbledon final was the best men's match of 2007, while Henin's victory over Maria Sharapova at the season-ending Sony Ericsson Championships was the best women's match of the year.





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23.12.2007 | 02:46
what can i say ....... no one can ever be greater!!!....... this is your time...... it rightfully belongs to you!

miss you!
23.12.2007 | 01:56
go roger!
22.12.2007 | 21:57
Congrats Roger! Well deserved indeed. Your game is so exciting to watch to say the least. We are all anticipating for the '08 season to get started. The best to you and your team. Your fan, Angie
22.12.2007 | 17:57
dear roger,
Congrats! u definitely deserve the award.wish u a very merry christmas and happy new year.
22.12.2007 | 13:38

Hope you are having good rest.
Wishing you a Great 2008 !
22.12.2007 | 09:55
U Rock Fedex!!
Best of luck for 2008!!

22.12.2007 | 08:32
congratulations roger! You have deserved it all these years =] !
Yaser Alansary
22.12.2007 | 01:06
Congratulations Roger
You've been the greatset this year and every year
good luck
22.12.2007 | 00:09
Congrats Roger on all your accolades in 2007. These together with the great form you've shown on the court have made this another memorable year.
Looking forward to your continued success in 2008. Onwards!
21.12.2007 | 21:02
Hee beautifull,

You are the best, sweety :)
In my heart, :)(:

........hearts connected............