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Tennis Magazine's 2007 Players of the Year

20.12.2007 | Off Court

Roger has been named Tennis Magazine's Player of the Year for the fifth consecutive time. Tennis Magazine is based in the US and appears monthly.


"Roger's serve is more of a weapon than it may appear, and that forehand is deadly," 14-time Grand Slam champion Pete Sampras writes in the January-February issue. "What most impressed me, though, was the speed at which he can go from defense to offense. His ability to take command from any place on the court, at any stage of a point, may be his greatest gift of all."


The magazine said Roger's victory over Rafael Nadal in the Wimbledon final was the best men's match of 2007, while Henin's victory over Maria Sharapova at the season-ending Sony Ericsson Championships was the best women's match of the year.





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21.12.2007 | 08:08
bravo roger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hats off to u!!!
21.12.2007 | 08:05
Now I can't wait for my Jan-Feb issue of Tennis mag to arrive
21.12.2007 | 07:11
Wimbledon's final between Roger & Rafa was not only the best men's match of '07, but probably one of the best grand slam finals ever. Ecstatic that you got that one in the bag Roger. Here's hoping that you eclipse Sampra's record in '08.
21.12.2007 | 07:05
Great roger another fantastic award men ur ruling the tennis world. Proud of u as a fan i will always supporting u
21.12.2007 | 06:55
this is incredible =)
congratulation for u rogie...
u r the greatest of all..
21.12.2007 | 04:54
Congrats on another achievment Roger!!! You should be very happy with urself and u should celebrated it =] Well I hope u break more records next year.Keep up with the amazing tennis u provide to everyone.

Ruchi =]
21.12.2007 | 04:46
Dear Roger Federer: For what you do, the recognition is never too much! I think some people's oftentimes silly or out-of-line mutterings earlier in the year have quietened down or gone away. There was no doubt in my mind of the year's outcome, as there is
21.12.2007 | 04:45
It's your SEASON OF BLOOM, ENJOY IT. Being consistently on top, Sweeping all awards, earning unprecedented prize money, etc - don't come too often; in fact, they don't last forever.

So have fun, win all the awards & prize money, bre
21.12.2007 | 04:11
I am supposed to get this magazine every month or so..I'd BETTER GET THIS COPY!! CONGRATS ROGER! WE FULLY EXPECTED NOTHING LESS!
21.12.2007 | 02:30
Hi Rog, Greetings from Florida and Jamaica! Congrats! You have received so many additional accolades after the season ended that we can't keep up. A Very Merry Christmas and a Blessed 2008 to you and Mirka and the rest of your family and team! Can't