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Back on track

09.01.2008 | Tennis

Roger was able to attend a first training session after having had to rest for a couple of days due to stomach flu. The training in Rod Laver Arena (The center court of the Australian Open) is of vital importance as a new type of surface has been installed (Plexicushion) there - and that certainly takes some getting used to.


Roger had to cancel his participation in the tournament in Kooyong, a district of Melbourne, on Monday du to his illness. He will now possibly be taking part in an exhibition match at the Kooyong stadium.

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11.01.2008 | 10:29
hey Roger a very Happy New Year 2008 and this year Roger please try to remain fit throughout the year I know you were not fit but now you are touchwood absolutely fit and also Roger you have to win 2008 3rd consecutive Australian open trophy title and the
11.01.2008 | 10:08
Go Roger!!!
i'm looking forward to see you at aus open~
11.01.2008 | 10:03
glad to hear that u are fine..............
do well........all the best for australian open
11.01.2008 | 09:09
Although you able to be fine, we are feeling fine.
11.01.2008 | 08:07
We hope you are feeling better Roger. Best of luck to the new year. All the best in '08....now lets make some more history!!
11.01.2008 | 06:58
I had a quick look at the draws. I am very worried about Guccione. He is a VERY good player and serves very well. I think he could pose a threat then there is Naldandian who could make it to the semis in theory. Djokovic is also in Roger's group. Nadal is
11.01.2008 | 04:31
great!!! now back in the game, i cant wait to see you in your best form, kiss you good luck
11.01.2008 | 04:26
11.01.2008 | 03:06
what a wonderful news!
GOOD LUCK,Federer~you are always the best of the best!
11.01.2008 | 02:55
glad to hear that
Just want to say that this Aussie Open is the key to to the whole year, if it goes good
so will the year