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Back on track

09.01.2008 | Tennis

Roger was able to attend a first training session after having had to rest for a couple of days due to stomach flu. The training in Rod Laver Arena (The center court of the Australian Open) is of vital importance as a new type of surface has been installed (Plexicushion) there - and that certainly takes some getting used to.


Roger had to cancel his participation in the tournament in Kooyong, a district of Melbourne, on Monday du to his illness. He will now possibly be taking part in an exhibition match at the Kooyong stadium.

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10.01.2008 | 19:04
Hi Roger,
How are you? Hope you are recovering from the tummy bug.
I really like the image of you and the gold trophy today. Is that the AIPS TOP SPORTING CHAMPIONSHIP OF THE YEAR 2007 AWARD TROPHY? You certainly deserve it. Must feel really good to win
10.01.2008 | 18:30
Hope you get better roger!
And good luck with the aus- open.
10.01.2008 | 18:23
i am glad that u are better.i was so worried.take care of yourself champ and good luck in australia.COME ON
10.01.2008 | 17:53
YAY! I was hoping you would feel better in time to get some practice in. I wish you the best champion!
10.01.2008 | 17:40
Dear Roger,
I`m sure you will be very good prepare to sit the AO.
10.01.2008 | 17:33
That's great to hear, Roger!!!

Can't wait to cheer for you at the AO!!!

10.01.2008 | 17:27
Hi Roger,
Although I'm new to your website, I've been a fan since I first saw you play Pete Sampras at Wimbledon. Glad to know that you're feeling better. Good luck in the Oz Open and for the rest of the year.
10.01.2008 | 17:18
Great news!!! I am so so happy that you're ok Roger!! :D

I wish you luck in the exhibition match :-D Be careful, and pls try not to get sick again :((
10.01.2008 | 16:57
Phew, you couldn't imagine how relieved i felt after reading this article. Knowing that you cancelled the tournament in Kooyong because of illness, i did get shocked. Now it's just fine. Hope u all the best things! Be prepared to the fullest for the first
10.01.2008 | 16:38
It's great to hear that! Get well soon, Roger! We're rooting on you!