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Roger struggles into third round

23.04.2008 | Tennis

Roger was two points from an exit from the Monte Carlo Masters on Wednesday before rallying to beat Spanish qualifier Ruben Ramirez Hidalgo 6-1, 3-6, 7-6 to reach the third round.


The world number one was 5-4 and 30-15 down in the third set before his opponent, ranked 137th by the ATP, crumbled under the pressure.


He eventually won the tiebreak 7-1, wrapping it up after two hours and three minutes on his first match point when Ramirez Hidalgo sent a forehand wide.


"I felt a bit slow out there. He played so badly in the first set that he almost faked me out," Roger told reporters. "But when he served for the match it became tough on him."


"I'm disappointed by the way I played but tomorrow is a new match, a new day, a new opponent. And so far, it's six matches and six wins on clay so I'm happy."

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24.04.2008 | 05:57
First of all congratulations to Roger for pulling off an escape, only second to the Great Harry Houdini.

I did a little reading up on Mononucleosis and it really is no joke. Roger, obviously is still feeling the ill-effects. One minute he seems to
24.04.2008 | 05:35
I just saw the last set of the match. I wish Roger would actually read this as it is so simple. Because he is the best I think he is actually trying to take it easy and conserve energy maybe due to the MONO. The problem with this is that you actually use
24.04.2008 | 05:34
Congrats u won the first round. It was a great comeback which others will not even think of doing. Anyways I think u will do the same in the second round also. SO all the best for that. From the interview i got that u were fraustrated but doesnt matter af
24.04.2008 | 05:33
go go Federer !!
24.04.2008 | 05:26
Hi Roger,
What a nail biter that was. Holy toledo - down 1-5 in the 3rd, then whammo back to win. I like what you said about new match, new day, new opponent. By the way, I woke up in the middle of the night and turned on the Tennis Channel just - luc
24.04.2008 | 05:14
Dearest Roger,

What can i say the first set in the match i thought that's the rog we been waiting for, you played so well and then you started to struggle but the best part of it you fought very hard and played the best tennis ever to win. A couple of
24.04.2008 | 05:12
Go Roger! Fight from beginning to end, no mercy.
24.04.2008 | 05:11
Dear Roger

You had used the right worked that "FAKED", that's what some players bring to the court.

Remember, what Djoker did in the AO - semi, Roger you were leading 5-3 in the first set, he dived on the court, you were distracted.

It's good to
24.04.2008 | 05:05
Dear Roger,

Good luck!

24.04.2008 | 04:57

yoou playeeed quite well todaaay
im soo soo haapppy fooor yooou
you get better each day (:
im sure youll win this tournament once more
i loooveeee yoooou