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Roger unable to defend his crown

18.05.2008 | Tennis

Roger was not able to defend his Hamburg title, losing to Rafael Nadal in a three-set thriller: 5-7, 7-6 (3), 3-6.

It was the reverse of last year's final, when Roger won his fourth title in Hamburg and snapped Nadal's 81-match winning streak on clay. It was our star's first defeat after a series of 21 victories in Hamburg, taking home the title in 2002, 2004, 2005 and 2007.

Roger's start into today's match was most promising, taking an early 2-0 lead and going to 5-1. But Nadal came back impressively after a medical time-out due to pain in his thigh, winning the next five games and the first set. The second set was very similar, with Nadal rallying from big deficits but Roger showing a great display to clearly win the tie-break.

Roger fell behind 1-4 in the third set and was not able to stop the Spaniard from winning his 26th career title. The head-to-head between the two now is 1-8 on clay and 6-10 overall from Roger's point of view. Our number one having as much practice on clay as never before, he will enter Roland Garros - starting in a week from now - with plenty of confidence.

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08.06.2008 | 17:03
What is wrong with this site? Isn't it a little out of time? Roger is losing to Rafa right now at the French Open.Roland Garros is over.
08.06.2008 | 16:53
What can I say? One is the King of Clay and one is the King of Grass and never the twain shall meet. Roger, I don't care that you lost this match. I love you just the same and am looking forward to your next tournament. You are the best man of tennis no m
05.06.2008 | 10:59
Revenge this week end at Roland Garros anyway!
28.05.2008 | 08:59
Roger fans, you may wish to read this questionable London Times article:
“Beginning of the end for wobbling Federer?”

You can make your carefully-thought comments by clicking on ‘HAVE YOUR SAY’ after the article (only 300 ch
26.05.2008 | 11:02
Hi Roger

Its bad that u lost a win battle. but its not your fault its the curse of nadal that he spelled at the medical time-out at 5-1 first set. Dam to nadal he should have been beaten in Sf by djoker and should have lost 2nd position. but alas it di
25.05.2008 | 14:06
For got it and looking forword Roger
i love you
25.05.2008 | 14:06
For got it and looking forword Roger
i love you
24.05.2008 | 13:30
thank you zing
to rafael nadal i think you are enjoying to write to me(all negatives but it is not important) but unfourtanely i have no time for you:)))))
24.05.2008 | 09:26
I start hating watching Roger to play Rafa on clay. Seeing Roger lost that first set after the lead of 5-1, I can't describe my feeling in words.

I trully wish Roger can overcome this biggest challenge and to be brave facing this guy in Roland Garros.
23.05.2008 | 15:37
Ok I'm not posting it again. SORRY! No idea why its coming out like that :((
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