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Federer-Express with a bumpy start

29.05.2008 | Tennis

It took Roger the first set to get going today, but he then left no doubts against Spanish claycourter Albert Montañes: 6-7(5), 6-1, 6-0, 6-4.


After a rain delay at 5-5 Roger did not manage to win the tie-break, but the Federer-Express started rolling right after that, bringing home the final three sets with ease. "The weather conditions were not easy," he said. "After (the delay), I felt a bit better, more relaxed."


He next takes on Croatia's Mario Ancic (ATP 46), the last man to beat him at Wimbledon in 2002. Roger leads the head-to-head 4-1.

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04.06.2008 | 20:21
You are amazing!I am sooooooo happy that you are through!You really picked up your game in the second set-you do sooooo well when you finish off the pints at the net-you vollley like noone I have ever seen-I am sooo proud of you-I do not feel like I do ab
31.05.2008 | 21:50
Hey Rogerholics friends
Time to move over to the next thread...
See you there

31.05.2008 | 21:46
Roger , I thought u were superberb today. well done.
31.05.2008 | 21:41



Love you with all my heart...Alma
31.05.2008 | 21:14
This was just a PERFECT GAME
I complete agree a "Tennis symphony"
Big kiss Champ.
31.05.2008 | 20:57
I cannot believe the worm is still crawling. Looking at the score he is crawling pretty rapidely. For anyone interested in the french language, worm could be translated many ways but my favorite is "asticot" even the sound of it said in french is repulsiv
31.05.2008 | 20:51

31.05.2008 | 20:49
no doubt the crowd would be behind benettaeau.
but Roger is used to partisan crowd and am sure will come out firing all cylinders
I personally feel Roger never loses unless he feels defeated.
Hes on a totally differnet level that his mental make up dec
31.05.2008 | 20:38
My dear friends takeko and sheleo
Make no mistake regarding the french crowd. They love Roger but they are going to try to lift Benetteau's game so he can fight. They will appreciate Roger's greatness but still...
The match Djerko/Mathieu is going to be
31.05.2008 | 20:36
HAHAHAHA Wilsson my friend,

I mentioned it as an appreciation
Looks like you reading in between the lines

But i like the way your mind functions

But sorry - wrong diagnosis
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