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A close victory to start with

30.07.2008 | Tennis

Roger had to face an opponent serving for the match at 6-5 in the second set in the second round in Cincinnati. But Roger managed to turn the tide and eventually prevail 6-7, 7-6, 6-0.


"I'm happy I'm back with a one-match winning streak," Roger joked. "I'm happy I could turn it around today."


Once our champ had survived the second set and struggled through the ensuing tie-break, the match was effectively over. You could feel the relaxation spread over his body like a masseur's oil. Nevertheless it was a worrying start and Nadal could still become No1 for the first time this week, if Roger does not make the semis.


But Roger has survived opening scares before and gone on to win tournaments, and no-one doubts that he has all the chances to do so again this time. Roger's problem was the heat, which causes balls to fly at speeds unfamiliar to those who have played the previous week in Toronto, where it is quite slow. And playing Americans in the US can be especially dangerous.


Next up is either Ivo Karlovic (CRO/16) or José Acasuso (ARG).

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31.07.2008 | 23:56
SPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEECHLESS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
31.07.2008 | 23:56
Hello you dear fellow-sufferers

It's awful, just awful, but we'll just have to get used to it. Roger just lost to some grotesque 9-foot giant, who ordinarily is not fit to tie Roger's shoe laces. I know Karlovic served well and Roger actually played
31.07.2008 | 23:56
No Fe,No Te
31.07.2008 | 23:55
SPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEECHLESS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
31.07.2008 | 23:53
iam very saaaaaaaaaaaaad
iam crying now
31.07.2008 | 23:40
Hey Fed, Look on the bright side and work on your game.
31.07.2008 | 23:40
Roger don't despair. The sheer elegance, beauty and class that you have brought to the game of tennis has been that of no other. I had the privilege of being at your match against Ginepri and your mastery of the art of tennis was pure genius. I was als
31.07.2008 | 23:40
ok im crying, but i want to thinkg that the next year you will win all the slams.... if you win the next year all, would be worth all my tears....

31.07.2008 | 23:35
well... next year Roger wont have to defend to much points, so.. if he play as he only knows, he will reclaim the number one again.. be patient :D !!!
31.07.2008 | 23:35
hy guys

this is it. we just have to accept it even it was a match that roger played beter. call it BAD LUCK

but he has to work with his mind
to feel the confidence again

maybe yes it will be a good thing loosing nr 1, and then fighting for it b