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A close victory to start with

30.07.2008 | Tennis

Roger had to face an opponent serving for the match at 6-5 in the second set in the second round in Cincinnati. But Roger managed to turn the tide and eventually prevail 6-7, 7-6, 6-0.


"I'm happy I'm back with a one-match winning streak," Roger joked. "I'm happy I could turn it around today."


Once our champ had survived the second set and struggled through the ensuing tie-break, the match was effectively over. You could feel the relaxation spread over his body like a masseur's oil. Nevertheless it was a worrying start and Nadal could still become No1 for the first time this week, if Roger does not make the semis.


But Roger has survived opening scares before and gone on to win tournaments, and no-one doubts that he has all the chances to do so again this time. Roger's problem was the heat, which causes balls to fly at speeds unfamiliar to those who have played the previous week in Toronto, where it is quite slow. And playing Americans in the US can be especially dangerous.


Next up is either Ivo Karlovic (CRO/16) or José Acasuso (ARG).

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31.07.2008 | 23:34
Well said Sereneyy, Roger is probably feeling down at the moment, the media is aready negative against him so he does not need his fans turning against him as well.
Much as we all love Roger and want him to win everything and always be number one it was
31.07.2008 | 23:33
Go to Beijing, regroup, you always the #1 in my heart. Be proud carry the flag in Olympics' opening ceremony.
31.07.2008 | 23:33
hi roger sorry for the match with carlovic
you were the best all the time, he just win because of hi serve
hope you win oyompic golden
be the champ roger .
your fans always behind you
31.07.2008 | 23:32
it's over... =/
31.07.2008 | 23:29
Rog deserved to win this match. Unfortunately, there's something else at work here, and it isn't Nadal. Nadal has to do with it mostly, but the tennis gods aren't helping Rog out this season either. This is exactly what the ATP officials wanted to see, th
31.07.2008 | 23:27
and yes roger..ignore the insane idiots telling u to retire.. u are only 26.. another 10 years left in the tank with your fitness levels aswell. i wonder what all the media will be saying in 10months when roger is number 1 again and won wimbledon for the
31.07.2008 | 23:27
to our beloved roger we saw just now the news we knew u lost in the 2nd round of cincinatti... what can we say, whats happening to to our world no. 1? that great tennis player who is 5 TIMES WIMBLEDON CHAMPION...and the holder of 12 GRAND SLAMS! we are
31.07.2008 | 23:23
roger looses his confidence and cannot play big point anymore. same thing happened to him at wimbledon. he should beat nadal in 3 sets. I know how he used to break players . he is still the same players, but cannot play big points. he is the best player I
31.07.2008 | 23:22
***sheleo - Yes, Roger was brilliant - just two fh errors made the difference, unfortunately.

He will find it very hard to accept this loss, but his game was on, his footwork was above par. That fh error in the first set, as soon as he hit back to Ivo'
31.07.2008 | 23:22
Hey Roger,
good job. but i have aquestion...
When will that nightmare ends ???????