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A close victory to start with

30.07.2008 | Tennis

Roger had to face an opponent serving for the match at 6-5 in the second set in the second round in Cincinnati. But Roger managed to turn the tide and eventually prevail 6-7, 7-6, 6-0.


"I'm happy I'm back with a one-match winning streak," Roger joked. "I'm happy I could turn it around today."


Once our champ had survived the second set and struggled through the ensuing tie-break, the match was effectively over. You could feel the relaxation spread over his body like a masseur's oil. Nevertheless it was a worrying start and Nadal could still become No1 for the first time this week, if Roger does not make the semis.


But Roger has survived opening scares before and gone on to win tournaments, and no-one doubts that he has all the chances to do so again this time. Roger's problem was the heat, which causes balls to fly at speeds unfamiliar to those who have played the previous week in Toronto, where it is quite slow. And playing Americans in the US can be especially dangerous.


Next up is either Ivo Karlovic (CRO/16) or José Acasuso (ARG).

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31.07.2008 | 23:22
dear roger,

u play so well today even though u still loss finally. i am so sorry...

but don give up, release, be clam, regroup urself

my whole family and my litter baby girl, chloe, love u forever and ever

best wishes,

31.07.2008 | 23:21
dont listen to the idoits that say you should retire.keep fighting...we love you.
31.07.2008 | 23:21
Dear Roger,

I watched the match and naturally I am very disappointed with the result but not with your game. I think you played well throughout the match except at some crucial moments you could not return Karlovic's second serve. Not only this match b
31.07.2008 | 23:20
Sorry to hear about our guy's loss to Karlovic. Glad to see that he went down in three sets-it wasn't a "blow-out." Everyone has difficult periods in their lives, Let's hope that this will pass soon.
31.07.2008 | 23:19
lets get a bit of perspective here, roger played a good match, he attacked karlovic's backhand when he could and it worked successfully, its just a shame karlovic has the best serve i have ever seen. roger wasn't broken and played well on serve. however i
31.07.2008 | 23:18
please dont lose faith in yourself. i wish you would read all these comments...i want you to know how much we love you. dont worry about rankings or anything.
you played well. you deserved to win as well.
please dont be sad...it hurts too much
31.07.2008 | 23:17
Dear Roger,

I have to agree with your other fans that now the pressure is off your shoulders. Becoming number 2 was inevitable and very sad for me; but everything runs it's own course. You will rebound. I wrote a post long time ago that the best thi
31.07.2008 | 23:16

You are going down and down and down. I do not think that you are able to recover from your recent losses. Maybe it is time to you retire. Try to consider it. Nadal is now the #1 and you is going to lose #2, #3, and so on. Nothing change from yo
31.07.2008 | 23:14

Please don't despair. I think the mono followed by the wimbledon loss has affected your state of mind. Maybe you should seek help from a therapist.

I hope you are no losing your motivation, I cannot bear the thought of Nadal being number o
31.07.2008 | 23:13
In the East~~~~
U will rise again,and shining forever!!!