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Roger cruises on

31.08.2008 | Tennis

Roger won his 30th consecutive US Open match today, defeating Radek Stepanek 6-3, 6-3, 6-2 to reach the fourth round of the year's last Grand Slam event.


To win his first Grand Slam of the season, Roger is aiming for his fifth straight title at Flushing Meadows. He has not lost a set in three matches, and raised his right fist after zinging a final, winning forehand down the line. "I guess it's just nice to play well. Pretty simple," our champ said. "No complaints."


Roger encountered little resistance from his 28th seeded Czech opponent. He looked close to his best form while handing out a tennis lesson to the unfortunate Stepanek. "It was one of my goals coming into this season, next to trying to win Wimbledon. I missed that one. Oh, well," Roger said, drawing laughs from crowd.


He got broken for the only time in the first set, then broke back at love and held to win. In the third set, he double-faulted twice before winning his final 11 points on serve.


Roger will next face the winner of the match between Russia's Igor Andreev and Spanish 13th seed Fernando Verdasco.



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03.09.2008 | 04:00
Haven't seen Sheleo's banner, but if it reads what all of you seem to think it does, then hey, I demand 'partial' credit:-)! Clever spin on the song title, Sheleo! As they say, "les grands esprits se rencontrent toujours!"...
03.09.2008 | 03:57
Awesome. Roger fight for everything. Keep your focus. GO ROGER!!
03.09.2008 | 03:48
Dear Roger, my shining star,

Bravo, bravo, bravo!!!
Just wonderful.

I was worried since you looked tired at first, but you did well and beat Andrev. Bravo!

I would love to see you hold your fifth trophy. But think just one mtach at a time.
03.09.2008 | 03:48
Where you are Roger? In New York ??? Now is Three o'clock. I can't sleep. The match with Andreew-- horror!!! but even so you win, thank you Roger !! Next match you will with Muller. He's very good player. Please, beat him !!! I believe, you will winner US
03.09.2008 | 03:47
***whbarney*** Forgot to tell you that was a splendid idea. I truly believe prayer and every bit of positive energy helps.

If I remember your instructions, we should take the notes out of the "God Box" now that Roger's won?
03.09.2008 | 03:47

Rogerholics! Roger is a DRUG! That's the only way to descibe him! Our addiction then fuled by chocolate!!!

What a match! He really needed that long hard fought win. Sort of a "Wimbledon battle do over" with a different opponent. A battle
03.09.2008 | 03:44
03.09.2008 | 03:43

What a match!!! Hard fought victory today which should get you more confident for what is coming. Just finding a way to win when your game is a little off and you’re not playing at your best is a positive thing, I think.

The end was just pri
03.09.2008 | 03:40
***Willsson, I am so glad Sheleo had the crowd chanting but, alas, I didn't hear it. I did see the sign, but thought it probably was not Sheleo, since her term was "Bederer". Can't wait to hear what Sheleo has to say--it must have been cardiac sitting i
03.09.2008 | 03:35
***willsson*** LOVE IT!!! Sweet response...