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Roger's welcome home party

10.09.2008 | Off Court

Roger's official welcome home party will take place in Basel on Thursday, September 11th. Not only will Roger be there, but also Stan Wawrinka as his doubles partner will celebrate their gold medal.


Start of the event will be at 5 p.m. on the market square in the middle of town. Video clips of past matches and great moments will be projected onto a giant screen. Roger and Stan will be welcome on a stage by various officials and will be questioned to different images shown. The happening will include prizes, goodies and surprises for the crowd, free coffee and activities. The entire event can take place thanks to the generous support of Nationale Suisse.


Come along and join the party!

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12.09.2008 | 18:08
Välkommen tillbaka,du är bäst i världen.
Tack för elegant spel för du bara har det.
12.09.2008 | 18:00
***Dear shinstyle***

Thank you for letting us know about the pictures of the party! All three men shine like their gold medals!
I really wished I could be there!!

12.09.2008 | 17:47
Go Roger!!...You'll return THE FIRST!!!!
12.09.2008 | 17:41
Come on ,Roger. All of us celebrated for ur win in USOPEN all over the world.
12.09.2008 | 17:36
Dear Roger,

An Olympic Gold Medal and a fifth US Open and a particpant in the greatest ever Wimbledon final. What a great and ultimately very interesting and satisying year. It was like a great novel or a film- and the good guy won in the end- as I kne
12.09.2008 | 17:29
Dear Roger and Stan,

Just love the front picture of the homepage. You look so great and happy. Enjoy this moment. You deserve it.

from Japan
12.09.2008 | 17:24
How proud your country must be of their Gold Medal Winners. I'm sure you all felt great pride as so you should. Have a great time, enjoy Champ as you deserve every cheer.
12.09.2008 | 17:18
It is great.But i'm so far away. :( I hope it's gona be a good party.:)
12.09.2008 | 17:08


He has now reached at least the semifinals of his last 18 grand slams. Pete Sampra’ best streak of grand slam semis (or better) in a row was three. When Federer won, relief was on his face and in his words.

“I would have been disap
12.09.2008 | 17:07
I wish I were there. I found a great article yesterday which I will post here as well as in Forum.

Federer proves he is still a force

It doesn’t matter how many titles they win, champions always have something to prove, writes
Rohit Brijnath