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Roger's welcome home party

10.09.2008 | Off Court

Roger's official welcome home party will take place in Basel on Thursday, September 11th. Not only will Roger be there, but also Stan Wawrinka as his doubles partner will celebrate their gold medal.


Start of the event will be at 5 p.m. on the market square in the middle of town. Video clips of past matches and great moments will be projected onto a giant screen. Roger and Stan will be welcome on a stage by various officials and will be questioned to different images shown. The happening will include prizes, goodies and surprises for the crowd, free coffee and activities. The entire event can take place thanks to the generous support of Nationale Suisse.


Come along and join the party!

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12.09.2008 | 10:52
How I wish I could go~!!!!!!!!
12.09.2008 | 10:18
I wish, I could have been there too, as the event took place minutes away from my former home town. But I'm glad, you got a warm and enthusiastic welcome home and I look forward to many more exciting news from you. Roger, you are simply AWESOME!!!

12.09.2008 | 10:15
Wow - what a beautiful picture on the front page! All our 3 "golden-men" were present!

All the best to Roger, Stan and Fabian for the rest of the season!!!

Greetings from Singapore!
12.09.2008 | 10:10
Townsmen Basel! You're happy people :))))))))
12.09.2008 | 09:29
You deserve it, Roger! Wish I could be there or at least watch it. I really hope you enjoy the party, ROGGIE!
12.09.2008 | 09:28
Hi dear,
Nice to hear that u will be at your home town on 11th of september. So must be exicted. Enjoy and have fun at ur home place.
Take care and missing u....
12.09.2008 | 08:39
wow that "party" was a blast!!
People shouting "King Roger" and stuff i really liked it.

AND i learned that ana Ivanovic lives here (in Switzerland) as well...

Roger had that charming smile - thing going on and Stan really looked cool :-)
12.09.2008 | 07:27
Congratulations again Roger. I wish I could be there watching the event. I am very happy for you Roger.
Good luck in your upcoming tournaments!
God Bless!
Hi RF!! wish I was there to witness this another great event of your life.... but you know, If i would have the chance to travel abroad --- my first itenerary is SWITZERLAND specifically Basel.... will go to places where KING ROGER FEDERER has been mold
12.09.2008 | 06:57
I hope you had a great time in your party, you deserve it!!! Bless you!!!