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Roger's welcome home party

10.09.2008 | Off Court

Roger's official welcome home party will take place in Basel on Thursday, September 11th. Not only will Roger be there, but also Stan Wawrinka as his doubles partner will celebrate their gold medal.


Start of the event will be at 5 p.m. on the market square in the middle of town. Video clips of past matches and great moments will be projected onto a giant screen. Roger and Stan will be welcome on a stage by various officials and will be questioned to different images shown. The happening will include prizes, goodies and surprises for the crowd, free coffee and activities. The entire event can take place thanks to the generous support of Nationale Suisse.


Come along and join the party!

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12.09.2008 | 03:39
I am so glad that they do a party for Roger y Stand.... They deserve this an more!!!!
12.09.2008 | 03:27
Roger and Stan:

Congratulations - hope you had an awesome time and were able to enjoy the moment.

Best of luck, health and happiness always

12.09.2008 | 02:34
***Rainbow YH***

Thanks for correcting me. I have a ton of respect for Fabian Cancellara and I definitely want to get right what he got his different medals in. We were furious that US coverage was so awful for the Beijing road cycling events. That'
12.09.2008 | 02:20
Congrats Roger (and Stan). :)
12.09.2008 | 02:15
Congratulations Roger!
12.09.2008 | 02:09
Dear Roger!!!
I believe you are a kind of super-hero in your country!.
You deserve it!.
I´m not swiss but I´m really proud of you!!!...
Good luck for next of the season King!
12.09.2008 | 02:02
I wish I could be there..
Congratulations!! Have a great party!
Best wishes. Lots of Loveeeee!
12.09.2008 | 01:24
Oh! my God!!!
Roger! you know what? this is my dream to see you!!
Roger Congratulations! again, and i wish you enjoy the party, and I hope you all the best in the future.
love = Roger! Roger! Roger! :)
12.09.2008 | 01:05
Rogeeer *-*
that's REALLY REALLY nice ! :D'
12.09.2008 | 01:01
wht a joy!!!i wish i was thr!!congrats to u both roger and wawrinka!!and for roger its the back of the king!!!no one is as great as u as both player n human being!!!!we love u..i m sure u will get the no.1 soon..and still u r the greatest player to me!!!!