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Roger through in Basel

21.10.2008 | Tennis

Roger won his first round in Basel today. He endured a tricky 6-3 6-7 (6) 6-3 win over Bobby Reynolds to reach the second round at the Swiss Indoors.


"I didn't really have so much time to get used to the conditions," Roger said after the match. "I was only able to hit here for two hours in practice. He served very well and it the corners, it was tough to read."


Our two-time defending champion took the first set but was taken to a tie-break in a tight second. He clawed his way back from 5-1 down before the American world number 86 clinched it 8-6 to force the decider, but Roger came through.


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23.10.2008 | 23:24
***Tilou - Glad I brought a smile to your face.

Hope Roger plays better against Bolelli tomorrow - I think it will be the first meeting. Whenever Roger under performs in a match, he plays much better in the next match.

Have a lovely night!
23.10.2008 | 22:54
I was there...You've been simply great! Thanks for all emotions you gave on 21st october 2008 in Basel! A dream came true! Thank u Danke Grazie Mercy
God bless you
23.10.2008 | 22:07
good for me you win vs nieminen 7-6 7-6
23.10.2008 | 22:04
*** Trinimum
Keep up the fighting spirits!
You make me laugh!
23.10.2008 | 21:29
***brian999666*** I agree with you about ***boting.

I was actually letting ***aggiedoodle*** know that Roger had played and beat Jarkko several times before, but boting took a different spin on my post. So, today, on October 23, 2008 (since apparently
23.10.2008 | 21:23
Congrats Roger..you left your best shot for the end but don't do that to us next round..play your best!! I was on a ventilator in the 1st set...:)
23.10.2008 | 21:21
BRAVO Roger and good luck in next round.
Support ever
23.10.2008 | 21:18
You found the way to win, no matter what!!!
You are a true champion.
Thank you
Love you forever
23.10.2008 | 21:18
Well done, Roger. You hung on by your fingernails, but won nevertheless. Apparently you learn fast and well from the lesson Niemenen supposedly taught you in this match, according to one of your "fans".

It's Bolelli in the next round. Good luck and God
23.10.2008 | 21:17
who is this boting guy anyway talking about Roger Federer in that way it's simply unacceptable.
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