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Roger through in Basel

21.10.2008 | Tennis

Roger won his first round in Basel today. He endured a tricky 6-3 6-7 (6) 6-3 win over Bobby Reynolds to reach the second round at the Swiss Indoors.


"I didn't really have so much time to get used to the conditions," Roger said after the match. "I was only able to hit here for two hours in practice. He served very well and it the corners, it was tough to read."


Our two-time defending champion took the first set but was taken to a tie-break in a tight second. He clawed his way back from 5-1 down before the American world number 86 clinched it 8-6 to force the decider, but Roger came through.


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23.10.2008 | 20:11
he has many powerful hits now too just Nie has heavy serves and returns but now!!!
23.10.2008 | 20:09
Rog had so powerful start and now something happened, Nie had hard returns and serves it's viewable but i mean on Roger's face, be strong Roger!!! it's heavy but if someone you can do it!!!!!
23.10.2008 | 20:04

23.10.2008 | 20:02
I tried the justintv.com and it says the web page can't find it. Oh well I will just go back over to the other one even if there is no sound. but thaks for trying boting.
23.10.2008 | 20:00
No sound
23.10.2008 | 19:59
I am watching Roger's match on that justintv radio misx2 but there is no sound. Is anyone else having any problems with this??
23.10.2008 | 19:54
break and what hot shots in all games in the previous the ball started to write a curve in the air at that bh at the net just Nie hit it into the net but the ball started to curve so much wich was unbelievable!!
23.10.2008 | 19:40
what serves and bh!!! powerful opening!!!
23.10.2008 | 19:40
ok here we go, not a spare seat in the house! 1st game to roger!
23.10.2008 | 19:37
Go Roger!!!!

Allez Rogi!!!!