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Roger unable to play

31.10.2008 | Off Court

Dear Fans,


Due to a stiff back, I have decided to pull out of my match against James Blake tonight. My back has been stiff for the last couple of days and I woke up this morning and it did not respond to the treatment I had last night. As a precaution and because I would be unable to play at 100% tonight, I have unfortunately had to take the difficult decision not to play. I thank the tournament and French fans for their understanding and support.  


All the best,



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04.11.2008 | 10:05

I believe you are right about Nada's (& Djerk's) fans coming on this site. The solidarity & strength that Rogerholics show is truly amazing. The interaction experienced between us is obviously missing on the website of others.

04.11.2008 | 09:47

it is really bad news....

hope you will get better soon
04.11.2008 | 09:46
helloo roger

health is wealth so get well soon!
comeback with strength let's cheer
take care bye
04.11.2008 | 07:46
Take good care of yourself Roger, I will keep praying for your complete recovery.
04.11.2008 | 06:47
I'm sure they don't have much to talk about on Nada's website, but they also come here cos they are so jealous of the solidarity we exhibit in our support of Roger!
It looks like Roger will play TMC,... there are pics in Forum TMC 2008 thread
04.11.2008 | 06:28

Hope you have recovered 100%, will be happy to see you play very soon , but please do it if only you are sure you are fit to do so.
04.11.2008 | 06:25
*** brilliantroger
Thanks for this good news that Roger has arrived in Shanghai. Can't wait for the TMC.
04.11.2008 | 06:25
Hi Roger (-:

It's a good decision to rest and pull out from the match so that you'll be able to regain strentgh and confidence in Shanghai's Master Cup Finals (-:

I saw your victory last year (-: I'm looking forward to see you raise that Master Cup
04.11.2008 | 05:11
Dear Roger:
This is the very first time a write to you. I'm from Mexico City and I want you to know that my mom and I are so proud of you. You're a real gentleman in and out of the court. We wish the best luck at Shanghai, even when someone like you don'
04.11.2008 | 05:08


The ‘TMC 2008 thread’ in the Forum has some photos taken at the Airport...