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200'000 users!

31.10.2008 | Off Court

Dear Fans


We have just passed the 200'000 mark of registered users - an almost unbelievable number!


I would like to thank you for your interest in my activities the whole year through. It is important for me to see and also feel that you are always here for me. Celebrating a great victory together is awesome. And working together - sometimes only making slow progress, in order to get back to the top - is most important.

The number of people visiting my website jumps to amazing heights after Grand Slam victories. But you also come to my website when I am experiencing difficult times. Thank you very much for this loyal support. It is terrific to have a global community coming toghether here.


We have had to extend the capacity of the server several times so that it can cope with the enormous volume of data being exchanged during peak times. The number of visitors on the website has grown continuously over the years; I find it most interesting to look at the development of the amount of registered users:


October 2004:  13’000

October 2005:  40’000

October 2006:  90'000

October 2007:  143'000

October 2008:  200’000


I have often asked myself whether this increase would calm down at some point. But hey – the opposite is happening! This is a great motivation for me as an athlete and I am happy to provide you with a platform that you use actively.


Once again, thank you for your great support.


Kind regards


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16.11.2008 | 03:03
Just love you winning
15.11.2008 | 14:08
It's because ur handsome and talented I say!!
15.11.2008 | 14:08
It's because ur handsome and talented I say!!
15.11.2008 | 12:03
dear roger...

there's absolutely no reason to doubt why your fan base is growing so rapidly..
YOU are the reason.. whether you win a match or not you always emerge as a true winner...
so there's absolutey nothing that you lose after a match!!

15.11.2008 | 08:53
hi roger im angela from the philippines i really really idolized you,,,,,hope you read it
15.11.2008 | 05:56
You deserve, MY CHAMPION!
I'm so pround of you and all your fans.

Loves you, Roger... Dear Roger!
15.11.2008 | 04:26
now , i am one of the more than 200000 fans , i am so proud of it .
I will sopport you forever.
I think you deserve the support .

15.11.2008 | 02:36

this is definitely my favourite webpage EVER! seeing you and news about you just make me sooo happy and contented! TAKE GOOD CARE ROGER! WE LOVE YOU ALWAYS!!!!! :)

14.11.2008 | 10:51
i love your game your way your caracter you are the champion baby 4ever and allways
13.11.2008 | 21:09
we rule...........