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Against Murray, Roddick and Simon

05.11.2008 | Tennis

Roger is the top seed at the Masters Cup in Shanghai in the absence of Rafael Nadal, who had to withdraw due to a knee injury. Roger will face Andy Murray (GBR), Andy Roddick (USA) and Gilles Simon (FRA) in the red group.


Gilles Simon was the last player to make the Masters, taking advantage of Nadal's withdrawal. Roger clearly leads the head-to-head against Andy Roddick (ATP 6) 15-2, with the American winning their last match in Miami, though. Andy Murray (ATP 4) caused Roger quite some problems this year as he defeated our star two out of three times (Dubai and Madrid). The most important match - the final of the US Open - clearly went to Roger. The head-to-head is 2-3 in favour of Murray. Roger has played Gilles Simon (ATP 9) once (Toronto, last July), facing a defeat.


The Masters starts on the hard court of the Qi Zhong arena on Sunday, with the final - to be contested over three sets rather than five - on November 16. Roger holds a total of four Masters Cup titles and has played five finals in series.


Red group

Roger Federer (SUI/1)

Andy Murray (GBR/3)

Andy Roddick (USA/5)

Gilles Simon (FRA/8)


Gold group

Novak Djokovic (SER/2)

Nikolai Dawydenko (RUS/4)

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga (FRA/6)

Juan Martin Del Potro (ARG/7)






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14.11.2008 | 19:20

Even though it was sad to see Roger lose, we can all be proud of our hero for putting up such a brave and gallant fight against Murray under extreme(we can only imagine the pain) discomfort, you can hold your head up high, you are a fanta
14.11.2008 | 11:47
Doing great keep going!!! YOu can do it and don't let that bug take ova!! You are by far the better player there GO GO GO :)
12.11.2008 | 17:54
Good luck and play your best tennis. You are the best of all! Prove that you're the best
11.11.2008 | 05:35
Lucy58 -
well said...my sentiments exactly..thank you!
Go Roger!!
10.11.2008 | 21:56
Hey Roger!
i am wishing you a good luck
and remember -you are the best

10.11.2008 | 14:43
i'm going to have lunch and have to do some work then.
i'm waiting for you very much and for seeing you again!!!!

with big love!!! - Gabor

bye fanmates for now and till next time!!!!
10.11.2008 | 14:26
Here we go again, people are writing negative comments and projecting into the future with many "if" scenarios.
I am amazed at why people feel they need to come on this website to tell us that they do not like Roger's game. Of course there are many tenn
10.11.2008 | 14:17
Hi Roger (-:

I really admire your determination to regain the world #1 rank (-: I believe that aside from a person's God-given talent, determination is a huge factor in achieving whatever that talent could offer (-: Just keep the faith and passion i
10.11.2008 | 14:14
and jeux/match as always throwing
her visiting-card and count her chickens
before they are hatched

10.11.2008 | 14:12
Thanks for your last post. Some of Rogie shots were so amazing and I dont think we will ever see this kind of shot making ever again from another player.

Thank you again Roger for giving us 100% fo your game.
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