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Not a good start

10.11.2008 | Tennis

Roger did not catch a good start at the Masters Cup today, losing 6-4, 4-6, 3-6 to France's Gilles Simon in his first round-robin match.


Our champ was sublime in the opening set but lost his way in the next two as Simon took control. Simon, who got his ticket for the season finale when world number one Rafael Nadal withdrew injured, targeted our top seed's backhand with his powerful groundstrokes and sealed his reward with an ace after just over two hours. It was Roger's 14th defeat - and second to Simon - this season. A year ago, Roger faced the same scenario, facing a defeat against Fernando Gonzalez, but then came back to clinch his second consecutive title and fourth overall.


In the second match of the day Andy Murray plays Andy Roddick.

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12.11.2008 | 16:36
***Hi Tilou***

Your explanation makes sense to me. But do I remember correctly that Gonzo didn't win any more matches last year, so the H2H record did not come into play?

I gather from the grid posted on TMC site that Stepanek inherits Roddick's re
12.11.2008 | 16:33
That's quite worrying news to hear our Roger is not well, we hope it's not too serious and he will be ok to face Mr Murray on Friday.

Best wishes Roger and get lots of rest!
12.11.2008 | 16:29
bravo majstore!svaka cast,pocistio si stepaneka,samo tako nastavi i titula je tvoja!!!pokazi da si bolji od mareja!
12.11.2008 | 16:27
federer must winn no doubt about that
and it would be great of he can manage
in two sets
12.11.2008 | 16:27
Dear Roger

Good win though its clear you are not using your full strength. Please take care of your health. Best of luck against Murray on Friday
12.11.2008 | 16:27
Unless rules have changed (like the 3 sets final), what counts is the rate between won and lost sets...
Now, I felt something wasn't right with Roger's health, but my god, if it isn't the back, it's the stomach... what a hell, did anyone put all the bad
12.11.2008 | 16:24
let us hope federer's match friday
will be after the simon- stepanek match
so federer will know exact where he stands
12.11.2008 | 16:22
** marycorbin

This is my understanding.

When I look at the sheet from the TMC showing the two groups (red and gold) and the table where you write the scores, you see two column for totals:
- the RR record (matches) column
- the Sets won/lost colum
12.11.2008 | 16:22
Do anybody have more informations of Mr. Federer illnes, which, for me, were obvious? And, my friends, you really make me very confused about the question does Stepanek really need to beat Simnon... Couse, I don't think so. Is tjere some news about that?
12.11.2008 | 16:12
I repeated what they said on tv, but it doesn't stick very well, sorry!