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Not a good start

10.11.2008 | Tennis

Roger did not catch a good start at the Masters Cup today, losing 6-4, 4-6, 3-6 to France's Gilles Simon in his first round-robin match.


Our champ was sublime in the opening set but lost his way in the next two as Simon took control. Simon, who got his ticket for the season finale when world number one Rafael Nadal withdrew injured, targeted our top seed's backhand with his powerful groundstrokes and sealed his reward with an ace after just over two hours. It was Roger's 14th defeat - and second to Simon - this season. A year ago, Roger faced the same scenario, facing a defeat against Fernando Gonzalez, but then came back to clinch his second consecutive title and fourth overall.


In the second match of the day Andy Murray plays Andy Roddick.

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12.11.2008 | 16:05

Thanks for the translation. Wow, that's all very scary. Roger really pulled one out of the hat today. What an amazing champion he is.

What do you think of ***kuetschuek's comment about the direct matches being deciders?

12.11.2008 | 16:00
*** Marycorbin
Here is what I found on the Forum about the Swiss TV interview (p 88 I think of Roger-roddick thread)

playing against stepanek who was almost already on vacation was definitely easier than against roddik and also it is stepaneks first m
12.11.2008 | 15:56
Dearest Roger,

Congratulations for a nice win against Stepanik ( I hope I spelled right.) I watched you play on TV! You looked as great as ever.
Best of luck against Murray on Friday!

I hope your back and stomach will be all right by then. Just
12.11.2008 | 15:55
Stepanek needs to beat Simon (if RF beats Murray!!!)
It's the "direct" match that decides, so Simon is ahead of RF
12.11.2008 | 15:54
there for u forever.
keep ur spirits high.
love u lots
12.11.2008 | 15:53

Thanks for the explanation. It only seems logical that they would go according to matches won, sets won, and then games won (which also favors Roger right now). I think putting Simon in 2nd and Roger in 3rd after two rounds must have been
12.11.2008 | 15:49
Thank you, Roger!!That was good match, but you must bit Andy Murray!! I believe, you can do it!! All the best in next match!!! Ludmila
12.11.2008 | 15:46
I had followed the TMC closer last year coz I did nit have so much work to do. My understanding of the rules is this:
- if a player won more TMC matches than another, he's ahead
- In case, 2 players won the same number of matches, The p
12.11.2008 | 15:40

It does not matter now. if two players tie 2-1 ans 2-1 win, then how many sets they won comes into play. Naturally who won mor sets will compete at SF. S

So, it's important Roger to win murray straight sets. II HOPE SO. No other. i like r
12.11.2008 | 15:35
Thats what i am saying.. if head 2 head was really counted before the sets THEN roger not only needs to win simon also needs to lose.